The 5 Greatest Mistakes In FC Barcelona History

Some were in their primes, some hadn’t even reached them yet. Regardless, these players could go down as the greatest mistakes in Barcelona’s history.

Can You Guess What Messi Is Staring At In The Photo Of The Year?

This photo of Lionel Messi was voted given first prize at the 2015 World Press Photo Contest. But what is he staring at?

Messi Missed Arguably The Biggest Shot Of His Life. This Is What He Learned From It.

We are always told to try and live without regret, but the best player on the planet shows us how helpful regret can be.

Carlo Ancelotti Backs Chicharito: "We Need Him."

Javier Hernandez recently got the backing of coach Carlo Ancelotti, and that may be exactly what he needs in order become the player El Tri needs him to be.

Karim Benzema Scores Howitzer, Ray Hudson Goes Cuckoo Cocoa-Puffs

In this installment of the most energetic soccer commentator on the planet, Ray Hudson loses his damn mind when Benzema scores for Real Madrid.

Ronaldo Has A New Statue. And Something Is In Its Pocket (Or It Is Pretty Excited To See You).

Cristiano Ronaldo is from Madeira, a little island off of the coast of Portugal and it is not surprising that his persona is probably the biggest export to come from the petite island. The Real Madrid goal-scoring machine (who has 25 goals in 15 La Liga matches) has a museum dedicated to his likeness on the island, and this past weekend they added another memento to honor the Portuguese star: A statue.  

Except there are two problems with this statue.

#1: It looks nothing like Cristiano Ronaldo:

Iker Casillas Has The Most Amazing Memory We Have Ever Seen

In sports, having a short memory is often seen as a desirable quality. Players are taught not to dwell on their past mistakes in order to stabilize their confidence and ability to perform. 

So we were surprised to hear that Iker Casillas can remember “98%” of the games he participated in. That means he can remember who Real Madrid was playing, the date of the game, who scored, if he was scored on, and what he did wrong in those instances. He is able to recall all of these details as nonchalantly as he would a recall friend’s name. 

Continental Roundup: Real Madrid And Ronaldo Set New Records As Win Streak Continues

Heading into the weekend, we previewed the main plotlines we thought might unfold in La Liga (Spain), Seria A (Italy), and the Bundesliga (Germany). Now let’s see what actually happened:

Spain - La Liga:

Cristiano Ronaldo And The Record That Messi May Never Beat

During Real Madrid’s fairly pedestrian demolition of newly promoted Elche last Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his second hat trick in as many games for Los Blancos. Ronaldo actually scored four goals against Elche, but, you know, he scored a hat trick along the way. Enough semantics though.