La Liga Returns: Your Must-Watch Soccer Schedule For The Weekend.

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona have had a weird last ten days.  Barca hoisted the UEFA Super Cup trophy in Tbilisi, Georgia on August 11th thanks to a 117th minute goal from Pedro that defeated a Sevilla team 5-4. Sevilla had clawed back from a 4-1 second half deficit to send the game into extra time.

The Canary Islands Will Reap The Benefits Of Pedro's Transfer To Chelsea

Just off the western coast of Morocco lies a volcanic archipelago known as the Canary Islands. Despite its size, the Spanish-controlled territory has developed a locally based premier division called the Preferente which combines with the fifth division of Spanish football. Local Canary Island club Raqui San Isidro are becoming more popular by the day in the Preferente since Pedro’s transfer from Barcelona to Chelsea. 

Is Cristiano Ronaldo The World's Most Charitable Athlete?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named to the top of the 2015 "Athletes Gone Good" list, compiled by

Ronaldo gained the top spot by finding a hot girl's phone in Vegas and returning it, then partying with her and her hot friends. Talk about do-gooder.

This Unbelievable Turnout Shows What It Means To Beat FC Barcelona

Bilbao, Spain hosted an incredible celebration for their returning Supercopa champions, Athletic Bilbao, who took down La Liga’s toughest opponent. A 31 year drought of trophies is now history for Athletic Bilbao supporters, and they showed exactly how much it meant. 

The Unbelievably Rude Insult That Pique Yelled At The Ref To Get Sent Off

So Barcelona got beat out by Athletic Bilbao for the rights to the Spanish Super Cup. More accurately, they get embarrassed. The first game was a 4-0 drubbing that absolutely no one saw coming, and the next was embarrassing for what happened, and what didn’t. 

Can Barcelona Keep Their Momentum In The Spanish Super Cup?

The Spanish Super Cup is a competition which has taken place since 1982, pitting the Spanish league champion against the champion of the Copa del Rey.

Until 1995, if a team won both the league and cup titles it won the Super Cup by default. However, since 1996, if a team does the double it must face the runner-up from the Copa del Rey for the right to claim the trophy. 

This is the case in 2015. Barcelona, who won both trophies in 2015, will face Athletic Club de Bilbao on August 14 at San Mames and August 17 at Camp Nou.

Messi Regains Status As The Most Humble Superstar In The Game

Barcelona won the UEFA Super Cup Tuesday and Messi was the star with two free kick goals. His immense talent was on display, and one lunatic is claiming Messi's goals were due to luck. That lunatic is Lionel Messi.

"I've just been lucky enough to score those and I'm very happy the team won and very grateful to everyone for their support and such a warm welcome," Messi said after the game.

This Is What Happens When You Put Ronaldo In Grand Theft Auto 5. (It's Ridiculous.)

This might just be the pinnacle of human cinema. Cristiano Ronaldo was dropped into Grand Theft Auto 5 and proceeded to do GTA 5 stuff. 

If you don't know what qualifies as "GTA 5 stuff," look no further than the part of the video in which Ronaldo hits the guy off the motorcycle with a soccer ball and the guy gets run over.

The18 Previews The UEFA Super Cup

The UEFA Super Cup, between the winners of the Champions League and Europa League will take place between Barcelona and Sevilla tomorrow.

If Barcelona win, they would match Milan as the top winners of this competition, each team having won five times.

Boris Paichadze National Stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia, will host the match. In Cardiff last year Sevilla fell 2-0 to Real Madrid.

The Hard Reality Of Playing With MSN, Explained By Barca’s Starting Midfielder

When I imagine what it must be like to play with Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar, images of sandy beaches and brightly colored drinks with their very own umbrellas float into my head, but, you know, in a footballing sense. 

I think that their talents would make my job infinitely easier, allowing me to merely spray passes forward, because they are more likely than not to land at the feet of a world-class player, and have success. And, looking at Ivan Rakitic play, it is tempting to believe that this is the case.