Cristiano Ronaldo And The Record That Messi May Never Beat

During Real Madrid’s fairly pedestrian demolition of newly promoted Elche last Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his second hat trick in as many games for Los Blancos. Ronaldo actually scored four goals against Elche, but, you know, he scored a hat trick along the way. Enough semantics though.

A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

We all have our favorite players within our favorite clubs. Normally, the player’s personality, playing style and achievements form a perfect cocktail of love that ferments over a number of seasons. So what are fans to do when that player, whose kit you own and have cherished over so many Saturday and Sunday morning pints, does the unthinkable and moves to a rival club?

Nike Intros New Ball For EPL, La Liga & Serie A

La Liga, Serie A and the EPL will be playing with a new ball next season. Nike just released the new Ordem football for the start of the upcoming season, and the company says that it is the most innovative, technologically-advanced and aerodynamically-tuned ball to date. 

Each league has their own specific colored Odem, with the EPL getting blue, La Liga getting orange and Serie A getting purple.