The18 Previews The UEFA Super Cup

The UEFA Super Cup, between the winners of the Champions League and Europa League will take place between Barcelona and Sevilla tomorrow.

If Barcelona win, they would match Milan as the top winners of this competition, each team having won five times.

Boris Paichadze National Stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia, will host the match. In Cardiff last year Sevilla fell 2-0 to Real Madrid.

The Hard Reality Of Playing With MSN, Explained By Barca’s Starting Midfielder

When I imagine what it must be like to play with Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar, images of sandy beaches and brightly colored drinks with their very own umbrellas float into my head, but, you know, in a footballing sense. 

I think that their talents would make my job infinitely easier, allowing me to merely spray passes forward, because they are more likely than not to land at the feet of a world-class player, and have success. And, looking at Ivan Rakitic play, it is tempting to believe that this is the case. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Does Not Care What FIFA Is Doing

We'll give Cristiano Ronaldo this: he's very opinionated about not being opinionated.

In a recent interview, Ronaldo was asked what he thought about the whole FIFA business.

"I don't care about FIFA, Qatar, I don't give a f***," Ronaldo said before getting up and walking out of the interview. It is here that we're contractually obligated to use the word "petulant" in regards to Cristiano. 

He's not required to care about any of the FIFA business, but come on, man. 

Child Tells Suarez He's The Best, Suarez Says No, Messi Is.

Luis Suarez knows where his bread is buttered.

He was signing autographs when a young boy came up and said he was the best. Suarez, fully aware that the player who is actually the best wasn't traveling with Barcelona for that particular trip, felt the need to correct the lad.

Suarez is good, for sure, but Messi is the best.

Van Der Vaart’s Wasted Talent Shows Us How Unfair Life Can Be

Life is unfair, but no one needs to tell that to Rafael van der Vaart.

He should have been an amazing player, and by most accounts he was. The man had incredible passing ability, and a canny knowledge of how to attack. For some players those two traits were enough to earn them millions of dollars, the adoration of their team’s fans, and probably a trophy or two. This was not the case for van der Vaart. 

Casillas' Agent Describes Real Madrid's President As A Delusional Racist

In an interview with Spanish newspaper Diario AS, Iker Casillas's agent, Santos Marquez, made Real Madrid President Florentino Perez out to be an insane person.

Marquez, obviously, was not too thrilled about how his client's departure from Real Madrid went down.

The Contentious Transfer History Between Real Madrid and Manchester United

Since 2003 Real Madrid and Manchester United have swapped six players between each other. The total value of those transfers? 167 million pounds.

The first of these incredible splurges? Fittingly a big one for passionate fans of United: David Beckham.

In July 2003, David Beckham completed his 25 million pound move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. The circumstances leading up to the transfer make for an Old Trafford legend.

Cristiano Ronaldo Even Dives In Practice

Ronaldo either learned a valuable lesson or took his diving theatrics to a whole new level at a recent Real Madrid training.

A video surfaced showing Ronaldo bumping Portugal and Real Madrid teammate Pepe, then Pepe getting sweet revenge.

He went in hard for a tackle and Ronaldo flopped around like a fish out of water. 

What do you think, did Pepe actually hurt Ronaldo or was Cristiano just faking.

Phil Neville And Google Translate Don't Mix Well

With all the buzz about Raheem Sterling and Morgan Schneiderlin being shipped around England, one of the Three Lion’s best has been sent out of the country. Former Manchester United midfielder and member of the infamous class of ’92, Phillip Neville, has brought his talents to Spain and Valencia.