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It's Time To Plan Your Tuesday And Wednesday Nights Around The US Open Cup

The 2022 US Open Cup third round goes down Tuesday and Wednesday with things getting serious as 17 MLS sides join the competition (the remaining eight enter in the fourth round). You'll need an ESPN+ subscription to watch, but the good news is that all 24 matches will be broadcast with no local blackouts. 

Who Is Alex Alcalá? The Mexican Kid Who Destroyed Manchester United's U17 Defense

You have probably already seen videos online of Alex Alcalá collecting Manchester United U17 players' souls. The 16-year-old Mexican kid was one of the biggest sensations in the last 2022 Generation adidas Cup, and we cannot stop watching his highlights.

In case you missed his talent, you don't need to be worried. Here it is:

Esta Seguro Que No La Viste Venir: Chicharito Enfrentará A Chivas En La Leagues Cup Showcase

Los caminos de Javier Hernández y Chivas volverán a cruzarse.

Sin embargo, antes de que los Chivahermanos comiencen a entusiasmarse hay que aclarar que Chicharito aún no tiene planeado regresar al Rebaño y que el encuentro en realidad será en veredas opuestas. ¿El motivo? La Leagues Cup Showcase, una jornada doble que abrirá las puertas del SoFi Stadium al mundo del fútbol y en donde veremos al LA Galaxy de CH14 enfrentándose a las Chivas y al LAFC vs. Club América. 

An American Great Looks Back: Landon Donovan Talks About Moments That Defined His Career

Landon Donovan is royalty in U.S. Soccer. His career is full of moments that inspired many to follow in his footsteps and keep writing history for the Stars and Stripes. 

When you sit next to him, you can feel the greatness he embodies, but you also can hear the voice of a man who chased his dreams until they were fulfilled. 

And how did it start?

En Bromas Y Goles: Chicharito Le Ganó El Clásico De Los Angeles A Su Compadre Carlos Vela

Javier Hernández se quedó con los aplausos en el duelo ante su amigo y compadre Carlos Vela, en el clásico entre LA Galaxy y LAFC. Chicharito incluso anotó uno de los goles en la victoria 2-1 de su equipo en El Trafico, nombre por el que se conoce el derbi angelino.

It's Happening: Chicharito And Carlos Vela Are Facing Each Other For The First Time In El Trafico

The clash between the two biggest Mexican stars in MLS is finally happening. Javier Hernández and Carlos Vela are facing each other on Saturday, April 9 (7:30 p.m. ET), in El Trafico, the derby between LA Galaxy and LAFC.

The league has been expecting the duel for almost two years, but between the Covid-19 pandemic and injuries affecting both players at different times, we still haven't been able to watch them in action in the same game.

Mientras El Tri Lo Ignora, Chicharito Continúa Su Pacto Con El Gol Y Anota Doblete Con LA Galaxy

La conexión de Javier Hernández con el gol es difícil de explicar. ¿Tiene un pacto secreto? ¿Un cheat code? Quién sabe.

La cuestión es que ante el Portland Timbers, el mexicano volvió a anotar y con un doblete fue figura de la victoria por 1-3 del LA Galaxy.

Two Generations, One Team: Quotes From Two Of America's Best

The United States soccer team finds itself at the beginning of a bright new era. 

The squad is young, hungry and ready to make its mark on the world’s stage, but the emerging generation knows it’s standing on the shoulders of those who came before them and helped establish the U.S. as a global force.

Landon Donovan — widely recognized as the best male U.S. soccer player of all time — is a legend of the American game, while Jordan Morris — winner of the Hermann Trophy (top college player) and MLS Rookie of the Year — is viewed as a difference maker for years to come.