Betis Goleó A La Real Sociedad Y Llenó Su Campo Con Miles De Peluches Por Una Buena Causa

Quienes acudieron hoy al Benito Villamarín seguro que volvieron a casa con el corazón lleno de sentimientos positivos. Porque el Betis organizó una fantástica exhibición de fútbol, venciendo por 4-0 a la Real Sociedad, y también una maravillosa jornada solidaria en ayuda de niños necesitados, la cual se manifestó con una emotiva lluvia de peluches.

Don’t Be This Guy: Crazy Soccer Dad Runs On Field To Tackle Ref After Call He Didn’t Like

Soccer moms tend to get the rough end of the stick when it comes to being the villain of youth soccer. While the mothers of the world are easy targets, some of the worst people at youth soccer games are the dads. A dad in California wins Asshole of the Day for tackling a referee during a U16 game over a call he didn’t like.

Humanity Hits All-Time Low As Czech School Children Boo Rangers’ Kamara For Being Racially Abused

Rangers fell 1-0 to Sparta Prague on Thursday, but the real loser was humanity. Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara — who was racially abused by a Czech player from Slavia Prague last season — was booed throughout Thursday night’s match.

Opening Weekend Highlights Unmatched Connection Between Football And Its Fans

The most powerful sporting moments aren't always during gameplay or even on the field at all — there are moments that are bigger than the sport itself.

Soccer has always been larger than the physical game played on the pitch; it's a way of life, an escape for supporters all over the world to come together and be a part of something bigger than themselves. If you aren't a part of it you wouldn't understand, but being a hardcore fan comes with elevating highs and deep lows. Your daily emotions rely heavily on how it's all going. 

Olvídense De Messi: Los Mejores Refuerzos Del PSG Son Sus Hijos Thiago, Mateo Y Ciro

Lionel Messi dio su primera conferencia de prensa con la playera del PSG y habló de las cosas que se suelen hablar en este tipo de ceremonias, las cuales generan expectativa y emoción entre los fanáticos, pero que en realidad son predecibles y aburridas. Messi, por muy G.O.A.T. que sea no escapa al tedio de esas formalidades, pero al menos contó con un trío de aliados que transformaron su presentación en algo diferente y menos protocolar: sus hijos Thiago (8 años), Mateo (5) y Ciro (3).

Eriksen Melts Hearts With Video Assuring Young Girl Set To Undergo Same Procedure That Everything Will Be OK

Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen has recorded a touching video to reassure a nine-year-old girl who is due to undergo the same operation he had after collapsing while playing at Euro 2020.

The Inter Milan player suffered a cardiac arrest during his country’s opening game of the tournament, against Finland, and received life-saving treatment on the pitch.

Why Olympic Men’s Soccer Has An Age Limit

The reason you won’t see some of the best men's soccer players at the Olympics is sort of peculiar. In order to preserve the status of the World Cup as the greatest international event for men’s soccer, an Olympic soccer age limit was instituted for the men's tournament.

The men's Olympic soccer tournament only features players under 23 years old, with three exceptions for each country. 

Lukaku Hates Pineapple Pizza And More From His Twitter Q&A

Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku had fans ask him questions on Twitter and his responses display just why we love him. He replied to dozens of questions, including sharing his biggest motivation and even firing back at some haters, making this thread a must-see. As he lights up the pitch at Euro 2020, we look at the highlights from the Lukaku Q&A to get to know one of our favorite stars even more. 

Lukaku And KDB: The History Of The Handshake

Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne go together in Belgium's attack like peanut butter and jelly coming together to make the most timeless of sandwiches. They've built their impressive careers at separate clubs, but when they come together with Belgium there's little opponents can do to stop them. Having so much success between them, the two obviously had to create a celebratory handshake to go with it.