Napoli Widens The Gap For Italy's Third Champions League place

It seems like every week, we talk about Napoli. Despite them being only third in the table, they’re generating a huge amount of column inches at the moment. As fate would have it, Napoli’s fixture list has thrown up a string of vital matches, back to back to back. There was the Real Madrid tie, the double header against Juventus, and a perpetual chase to stay in the top three and secure Champions League football for another year.

Giorgio Chiellini Got His MBA, So He Can Start Making Real Money Now

Giorgio Chiellini has had a good go of this "professional footballer" thing but everyone knows the real money is in business. That's why it was a wise choice for Chiellini to set himself up for the future by getting his MBA from the University of Turin.

Many doors have opened with this degree. Chiellini can go into finance, sales, marketing, management, systems analysis, systems administration, operations or even entrepreneurship.

There Is No Love Lost For Gonzalo Higuain In Naples

In Naples, they have a book for interpreting dreams. La Smorfia, translated as "the Grimace," provides the user with guidance, teaching them to take their night time adventures and turn them into a series of numbers. You can then use these numbers to play the lottery. For instance, should you dream of Italy or of God, then you should pick the number one. If you dream of a deranged person, then number 22 is particularly auspicious.

If you have a nightmare, then you should be selecting the number ninety. Using your dreams, you can predict the future.

AC Milan Takeover Signals A New Dawn For The Fallen Giant

The drawn out sale of AC Milan has seemingly reached a breakthrough. Elliott Management, a United States-based hedge fund, has agreed to finance a large portion of the remaining capital owed to Silvio Berlusconi’s current ownership group Fininvest. Elliott has provided an essential assist to Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux (sharing AC Milan’s nickname but unrelated to the club), Chinese investor Yonghong Li’s investment vehicle leading the AC Milan purchase. 

On This Day, 24 Years Ago, 16-Year-Old Francesco Totti Made His Roma Debut

Today marks a historic day in football as Francesco Totti made his Roma debut against Brescia on March 28, 1993. Over the following 24 years, Totti has appeared in 612 league games and scored 250 goals. 

He’ll forever be remembered for leading Roma to their first Serie A title since 1982-83 in 2001, and the now 40-year-old is still going strong with two league goals from 11 matches this campaign.

Francesco Totti Hits A Volley So Hard That It Would’ve Destroyed Carthage

Francisco Totti’s thunderous training volley put an end to the Third Punic War today. The volley cracked off his boot and resulted in a breaching of the Carthaginian's walls and the sacking of the city. When this firecracker smote the back of the net, Carthage was systematically burned for 17 days, utterly destroying all remnants of the 700-year-old empire.

Periodic Reminder That Joe Hart Is Trash

Legendary German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann said England goalkeeper Joe Hart is not world class, and for some reason this was taken as controversial by the types of English newspapers that spend a lot of time reporting how expensive Romelu Lukaku's car is.

Really, it shouldn't be controversial. Joe Hart is not and has never been world class. I do not possess the the ability to see into the future, but I'm guessing Hart won't be world class there, either.

Juventus' Simple Season Has Been Complicated By Barcelona And Organized Crime

It has been a complicated week for Juventus. The almost-crowned champions of Italian football have been up and down an emotional rollercoaster, hitting the headlines for events on and off the pitch. As ever with the biggest club in Serie A, there are claims of wrongdoing on one side and claims of the Old Lady being unfairly targeted on the other. Controversy reigns supreme, but with the season drawing to a close, what sort of position are Juve in?

Gianluigi Donnarumma's Heroics Not Enough For AC Milan Against Juventus

This week in Serie A, results pretty much panned out how you’d expect. Roma thrashed Palermo. Pescara lost again. Fiorentina overcame a stolid start to snatch a last-gasp, undeserved winner. Juventus won at home. So there’s not much to talk about, right? Not quite.