New Team = Same Zlatan

Maybe there is a new God of Manchester. With continued efforts such as these from Zlatan, a god he will be. BUT CRIKEY MATE! WHAT A FINISH! Are you serious, 3 minutes into his Man U debut, who else could pull off a stunt like that. The King of Sweeden started off his English debut in stunning fashion. An incoming ball from Valencia was chopped by Ibrahimovic and bounced into the top corner. Brillaint, elite and classy. Man this EPL season is going to fun isn't it eh?? The King needs a new crown!

We Need To Talk About Newcastle United, The Best Team In England

The prevailing wisdom is to never look too far into preseason matches, but when those matches are repeatedly beating you over the head with the obvious, you should probably take notice.

Last year, under the guidance of Steve McClaren, Newcastle recorded just two victories in seven matches. They were defeated by Club Atlas, the Portland Timbers reserve squad and League Two side York City F.C. 

That disastrous preseason form led to an opening run of eight Premier League games without a victory. In hindsight, the club was doomed for relegation as early as October 3rd. 

Ecuadorian Minnows Independiente Del Valle Are A Footballing Miracle

The surreal run of Ecuadorian club Independiente del Valle almost came to an end in Quito on Wednesday. There’s still another leg to play in Medellin, but a loss at home would’ve almost certainly doomed del Valle. That wasn’t in the cards — the fairy tale added another chapter when Arturo Mina Meza snatched an 87th minute equalizer against Colombia’s Atletico Nacional. 

The first leg draw means that del Valle need a win in regular time, extra time or penalties in Colombia to be crowned Copa Libertadores champions. 

Atletico Diritti, An Italian Team Of Refugees, Migrants And Prisoners, Plays For Human Rights

In the southeastern Roman neighborhood of Quadraro, Atletico Diritti play their home matches under the shadow of the Felice Aqueduct. The aqueduct was completed in 1586 by Pope Sixtus V, bringing water back to the hills of Rome, which had been waterless and sparsely inhabited since the sixth century.

By 1589, the aqueduct was filling no less than twenty-seven public fountains. As the aqueduct provided for the people of Rome, so Atletico Diritti hopes to provide for the migrants, refugees, prisoners and former prisoners in the area. 

Blind Soccer Teams Win Over Fans at UEFA Champions League Festival in Milan

The greatest story I saw in sports this weekend was not the amazing comeback by the Golden State Warriors who were down 3-1 in the NBA's western conference finals only to win the series 4-3. It was not the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. It was not some of the masterful shots made by Novak Djokovic in the French Open. Instead it was an exhibition match between some blind soccer players who won over the crowd at the UEFA Champions festival.

How Harry Kane Went From The Lower Leagues To Winning The EPL Golden Boot

Harry Kane spent the 2011/12 season on loan at English Championship side Millwall F.C., a club known more for its associations with hooliganism and their supporter’s chant “No one likes us, we don’t care” than as the home of future England internationals. 

Under the watchful eye of England’s then U-21 manager, Stuart Pearce, an 18-year-old Kane failed to impress. 

Xavi Is 36...And Still The Hardest Working Man In Football

Xavi Hernandez is still making the game of football look effortless in Qatar, and the former Barcelona and Spain star is on the verge of adding another trophy to his cabinet. For those keeping count, this would be number 627.

For those of you wondering how footballers will manage to perform in the sweltering heat of a Qatarian World Cup, Xavi has the answer: slowly but surely. 

Who Are The Most Well Behaved Guys In The World Of Soccer?

The image of football players at wild parties with crazy girls is reinforced every generation. What few of us might know, however, is that this image does not fit every star player. Off the field, the nicest footballers in the world maintain lasting romances with girlfriends and wives. They form couples, even in adolescence, when they were still in youth teams. The most popular player today, Lionel Messi met his wife Antonella Roccuzzo when he was just a promising young boy from the lowland areas of Argentina.