Let’s Make A New Year’s Resolution To Work Out Like Diego Maradona

According to the University of Bristol, 88 percent of people who set a New Year’s resolution ultimately fail. Worryingly, that total comes despite the fact that 52 percent of people set out with the utmost confidence in their ability to achieve their goal. This should tell you a lot about the human race.

Bradley Lowery, A 5-Year-Old With Cancer, Receives 28,000 Christmas Cards After Football Unites Behind His Dream

The inspiring story of Bradley Lowery and his courage in the face of terminal cancer has seen football fans from around the world unite in making his dream come true. The five-year-old was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2013, but the cancer was thought to be treated over the course of two-years of chemotherapy.

Tragically, the cancer returned this past June, and doctors have informed the Lowery's that Bradley likely has only two months to live. On Wednesday night, Bradley was seen walking hand in hand with his hero, Jermain Defoe, as a mascot for his favorite club, Sunderland.

Xabi Alonso Has An Impressive Collection Of Watches

"Inside Mr Xabi Alonso's Impressive Watch Collection" — is there a less-surprising video title on Youtube?

Look at that man. This man has different watches for different occasions, and not like a nice watch for fancy occasions, a regular watch for everyday use and a crappy one for outdoor activities. 

Xabi Alonso's watch collection is more along the lines of "this one's for galas in Spain and this one's for galas in Germany and this one's for galas in England and this one's for awards ceremonies and this one's for garden parties."

Lionel Messi’s Oldest Son, Thiago, Is Falling In Love With Football

Born on November 2nd, 2012 in Barcelona, Thiago Messi’s imminent arrival was first announced by his father during a match between Argentina and Ecuador. Messi scored a goal and celebrated by placing the ball under his shirt, later confirming that his partner, Antonella Roccuzzo, was pregnant with their first child. 

There Will Never Be Anyone Quite Like Sir Alex Ferguson

There's a certain aura that surrounds great icons in professional sports. Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth and many others have carved a legacy for themselves that will live on forever. But whilst the players do the dirty work, behind all their success is a manager or coach that guides them towards glory. For more than 26 years, that man for Manchester United was Sir Alex Ferguson.