Man Utd Players Surprise Young GK With Cerebral Palsy In Inspiring Video

Eleven-year-old Samuel suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot walk without assistance, but he doesn’t let his condition stop him from pursuing his dreams. Manchester United inspires the young goalkeeper, but at the end of the day, Samuel is an inspiration to all of us.

Sam revealed, “Having cerebral palsy is very hard, and playing football is a bit difficult but I don’t really take that as a big issue, I just get on with it.” 

Ellen DeGeneres Gives The Gift Of Soccer To Eight-Year-Old Man City Fan

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed back eight-year-old Kai Langer to her show this past Tuesday after he'd gone viral in 2013. He came to sing but encountered more surprises than he ever could've imagined. Not only did he get to meet pop singer Ed Sheeran, but he also left with a birthday gift no one saw coming. 

Deadline Day: Barton Rovers FC Have Bought A Rake

Deadline day is crazy! Lots of teams have needs, and this is the last day to fill them. Teams need wingers, defensive midfielders, inverted fullbacks, false 9's, trequartistas, deep-lying playmakers, target strikers and many more types of soccer players.

One team, though, just needs something to get leaves off their field. Barton Rovers FC have filled a major squad need on deadline day by going to the store and buying a rake.

Freestyle YouTube Football Star Gets His Chance With Newcastle United

21-year-old winger Yasin Ben El-Mhanni made his Newcastle United debut in the FA Cup on Wednesday, but what made the story truly remarkable was that El-Mhanni was already a household name amongst those who frequently watch football freestyle videos on YouTube.

Antonio Conte Would Like Some Cake

Chelsea had just beaten reigning Premier League champs Leicester City 3-0 and extended their lead over the rest of England, but manager Antonio Conte had more important things on his mind.

The Italian noticed one of the journalists at his press conference had some cake. Well, Conte wanted some cake too.

In The Year Of The Blown 3-1 Lead, Borussia Dortmund Did It Best

The 3-1 lead has taken a beating this year. The Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals. The Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers also blew 3-1 leads in the NBA playoffs. The Cleveland Inidians blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series.

In the "year in review" pieces declaring 2016 the year of the blown 3-1 lead, one notable choker has consistently been overlooked.

Borussia Dortmund.

20 Years Ago Today, Eric Cantona Scored The Most Baller Goal Ever

For me, it was an old VHS tape called Ooh Aah Cantona - The Cantona Phenomenon that changed everything. Before the days of soccer on ESPN or NBCSN, well before the era of YouTube skill show compilations and with the lasting memories of the 2002 World Cup seared into my mind, I was introduced to Eric Cantona.

The number seven emblazoned on his red shirt, striding around the pitch with dad bod physique, his collar upturned and with all the beguiling qualities of an existential Frenchman on his third glass of absinthe, Cantona was a side of football I’d never seen before.