Messi Gives 7-Minute Interview On Captaincy, World Cup Pain And Changing Landscape Of Club Football

IMPORTANT: Simply click/tap on "CC" in the video above to turn on the English subtitles. 

Lionel Messi gave a rare, extended interview with FC Barcelona's YouTube channel, and the far-reaching sit down offers everything from Messi's new status as Barcelona's captain to his son Thiago's growing understanding of the game.

Fulham Celebrates Clint Dempsey With A Montage Of His Greatest EPL Goals

Things started inconspicuously enough for Clint Dempsey following his $4 million January move from New England to Fulham back in 2006. However, the slow start was entirely forgiven when the 22-year-old bundled home his first goal for the club (the first strike in the video above) against Liverpool at the tail end of the season. The goal was momentous, saving the club from relegation and guaranteeing its place in the top flight for the 2007-08 season.