One Australia Fan Makes 8,250-Mile Trip To Saudi Arabia And Gets Booed By 50,000

Australia's slog of a World Cup qualifying campaign came to a halt on March 24 after a 2-0 defeat to Japan in the driving Sydney rain meant that after the grind of 18 games over two years, the Socceroos would still need to beat the United Arab Emirates and then Peru in the June playoffs to qualify for Qatar.

Una Jugada Creada En México Y Destinada A La Gloria Eterna: ¿Qué Es Una Dueninha?

Hace unos días, los buenos amigos de Goal crearon un gráfico para sus redes sociales intentando encender el debate sobre el movimiento más icónico en el fútbol. En la lista incluyeron el giro de Cruyff, el elástico de Ronaldinho, las fintas de Lionel Messi y Cristiano Ronaldo, así como la exquisita trivela de Ricardo Quaresma, entre otros.

8 Ways To Applaud Your Own Fans After Losing 7-1

There comes a time when every footballer experiences defeat on a totally embarrassing level. Lionel Messi has lost 8-2; Cristiano Ronaldo has twice been defeated 5-0. Fortuna's wheel is always turning.

But the great wisdom imparted by this game is to "meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same." One must be gracious in victory and defeat, but this old cliché is always put to the test when you're on the receiving end of a thrashing.

Paramount+ Crew Provides The Desperately Needed Entertainment During City-Atlético Snooze Fest

Manchester City worked tirelessly on Tuesday to break through Atlético Madrid’s defense to earn a 1-0 victory in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal. The game was advertised as an unstoppable force meets immovable object, and Atlético Madrid delivered in terms of dropping everyone into defense.

Why Do We Take So Much Joy From Yelling ‘Shoot’ At Professional Athletes?

While everyone's been wasting their time arguing over the tactical masterplans of Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone in the build-up to Manchester City and Atlético in the Champions League, a better philosophical discourse has been raging in the bottom half of the Premier League table, where Brighton manager Graham Potter is urging supporters to stop yelling "shoot" at his players while Burnley boss Sean Dyche is playing the devil's advocate by instructing his men to "kick it in the net."

Did Brazilian Legend Rivellino Score The Fastest Goal Ever? It's A Wild Story

When it comes to the most underrated players in the English-speaking world, you could certainly make a case for Brazil's Rivellino — a fantasy footballer with pioneering dribbling skills, an outrageous free kick arsenal and a left foot like a field howitzer. Rivellino was hugely admired by Pelé and inspired both Diego Maradona and Ronaldinho, but these names have largely superseded Rivellino's own in football lore.

Oh, Boy! When You Try To Nutmeg An Opponent And End Up Nutmegging Yourself

I've nutmegged rivals, I've been nutmegged and I've watched a fair amount of nutmegs through my life. I've seen nutmegs that were only a display of skills, other ones that were the only option available to maintain the control of the ball and a few others that were just by chance. But, until now, I have never seen a self-nutmeg. Until Thursday night.

Thomas Rodríguez's Nutmeg Fail

It happened during a game in the Chilean First Division between Colo Colo, the most popular team in the country, and Unión La Calera.

USMNT Qualifies For World Cup For First Time In 3,123 Days — Here’s How Different The World Looked

The United States men’s national team punched its ticket for 2022 World Cup in Qatar — with a rather disappointing 2-0 loss to Costa Rica — on Wednesday for the first time since 2013. Just under a decade has passed since the last time USA qualified for World Cup.

The18 FanZone: USA vs MEXICO World Cup Qualifier

The18 hosts a FanZone at a local brewery during the USMNT World Cup Qualifier vs Mexico.

Fans step up to compete in challenges to win prizes, merch and some free beer!

Juggle Balance Challenge: Hold a pint of beer and juggle 6 times without spilling a drop!

Pin the Head on Gregg: Try to place Gregg's head back on as close as you can!

Ball Pushups Challenge: With all four hands and legs on a ball, how many pushups can you do?