Alisson Responds To Jordan Pickford's Time-Wasting With Elite Shithousery

Liverpool narrowed Manchester City's Premier League lead to a single point with five matches to play following a 2-0 win over Everton in a heated Merseyside Derby on Sunday that also left the Toffees in the relegation zone. 

Despite conceding 83 percent possession at Anfield, Everton put up a fight and forced Liverpool to wait until the 62nd-minute for its opening goal.

Police Dog Becomes Adorable Nuisance, Steals Ball During Final In Brazil

Retrô defeated Náutico 1-0 in the first leg of the Campeonato Pernambuco final on Thursday night. I won’t be showing you the goal from Guilherme Mendes da Silva in the 69th minute. Instead, I’ll be showing you a police dog invading the soccer pitch, because that’s the type of content we know you really care about.

Padres Star Fernando Tatis Jr. Shows The World Why He’s Not A Pro Soccer Player With Epic Wipeout

U.S. soccer fans often bring up the argument of “imagine how good the USMNT would be if all the best athletes played soccer instead of other sports.” Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. isn’t American, but he is a hell of an athlete, but he demonstrated that it might not translate to soccer. A Fernando Tatis Jr. soccer clip has gone viral, but not for the right reasons.

This is a wipeout and a half right here.

Most Hated Players | The18's Halftime Countdown

Welcome The18's Halftime Countdown of the Best Goals Ever Scored! 

9. Kurt Zouma

Breaking into this list for the first time ever, Kurt Zouma. Man, you drop kicked your cat, that’s not cool. 

8. Sexual Assaulters

Okay for number 8 on our list (honestly should be number one) are Adam Johnson, Benjamin Mendy, Mason Greenwood, Robinho, and everyone else who fits this category.

Messi Will Have The Word GOAT On His Sleeve Next Season, Whether You Like It Or Not

We all know how heated the debate about Lionel Messi being the GOAT gets. And that hot-headed discussion will probably be rekindled again after a new sponsorship agreement announced by PSG.

The French team will partner with sneakers marketplace GOAT for the next three years — in a deal worth $55 million — allowing them to stamp their logo on the sleeve of PSG's 2022-23 jersey. 

In other words, Messi, the GOAT for many, soon will carry the word GOAT on his left arm. 

If he stays at PSG, of course.

Benfica Fan Defeats Liverpool Before A Ball Is Even Kicked

Trailing 3-1 to Liverpool as the team prepares for mission impossible inside Anfield, Benfica supporters flooded Merseyside on Wednesday to show their unwavering support for the Eagles. 

It's a daunting trip for most — the home of The Beatles and the six-time European champions — but not for one Benfica fan who refuses to acknowledge the band's 600 million record sales while claiming "only God knows" how bad of a beating they're about to inflict on Jürgen Klopp's side.  

Coach Stops Counterattack And Then Pretends Like He Doesn't Exist

An assistant manager in Spain pulled a Moonlight Graham on Sunday, crossing that foreboding white line and onto the hallowed green grass, but his reward wasn't the eternal bliss of playing catch with Shoeless Joe Jackson — he got a shove in the back, a red card and cries for his dismissal at Colmenar Viejo and the revocation of his coaching license. Real life is nothing like Hollywood. 

Aussie Keeper Makes Horrible Mistake In 90th Minute And NFL Style Tackles Player, Gets Red Carded

Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper Daniel Margush had a blunder of all blunders on Saturday. With his team up a man and leading 1-0 with only minutes left in the game, the three points were practically guaranteed.

Then disaster struck.

USA Fans Have Some Of The Worst Soccer Chants And Need Some New Ones For The World Cup

Some of the worst USA soccer chants are used far too often.

When the United States was paired with England in the 2022 World Cup draw, I knew there were going to be problems. With the shared language and historic rivalry on and off the field, there was bound to be beef. Fights on the internet broke out almost immediately between the two fan bases, with England fans pointing out Americans’ chants.