The Gang Gets Called Offside — Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds Celebrate Offside Goal Way Too Much

It’s been a spectacular year for Wrexham AFC. From the dredges of the National League — the fifth tier of English football — the third oldest club in the world was thrust into global acclaim when Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the Dragons.

New Employee At BBC Accidentally Put “Manchester United Are Rubbish” On National TV In Hilarious Gaffe

Plenty of people can relate to making a mistake their first day on the job. It’s a common occurrence. Not many people can say that on their first day they insulted one of the country’s biggest sports fan bases by running a headline that was never meant to be seen. 

Someone did that on Tuesday when a BBC headline insulting Manchester United casually calling the club “rubbish” ran on live television.

Puebla Troleó A Toda La Liga MX Con Supuesta Partida De Su Técnico Nicolás Larcamón

En 18 meses, Nicolás Larcamón ha sacado agua de las piedras con el Puebla, una de las plantillas más humildes de la Liga MX. Tan bueno ha sido su trabajo que su nombre siempre aparece en el molino de rumores cuando un equipo más grande necesita un técnico. Y la noche de este miércoles, esas conversaciones se dispararon luego de que el Puebla publicara en redes sociales un video que hizo pensar a medio mundo que el tiempo de Larcamón en el club había llegado a su fin. 

Zlatan Ibrahimović Smashes Window Of Team Bus While Hyping Up Milan Fans

The refrain around this season's AC Milan team is that it's built different. After capturing its last league title in 2011, the club's rot — falling from second-place in 2012 to as low as 10th in 2015 — had turned the Rossoneri from European titans to a collection of disbelievers.

5 Things Millennial And Gen Z Soccer Players Have In Common – And 5 Things They Absolutely Don't

The soccer landscape has seen some major changes over the past couple decades. A Millennial reflecting on their soccer days will have some entirely different stories than a kid playing soccer today.

Here are some of those similarities between what a Millennial player and what someone from Gen Z playing today might experience. 

Similarities Between Millennial And Gen Z Soccer Players

The Feeling Of Scoring A Goal

Man Down: Epic Stretcher Fail In Bulgaria Gets Worse And Worse

Win at all costs. Even if you're playing for Balkan Botevgrad in the South-West division of Bulgaria's Third Amateur League, the mantra doesn't change. 

Even if you're entirely safe from relegation and not chasing promotion, which is the current scenario for Balkan Botevgrad, you've got to have the garra charrua inside you.