When Are Yellow Cards Wiped In The World Cup?

Yellow cards — the fine line between professional or consistent fouls and a sending off — are a part of almost every match, especially at the World Cup when the stakes are highest. Accruing yellow cards will get a player suspended. But when are yellow cards wiped in the World Cup in 2018? 

Ay Caramba! These Mexico World Cup Goals Are Loco!

A Manuel Negrete goal vs. Bulgaria in 1986 was recently named the best goal in World Cup history.

However, Mexico has scored plenty of memorable goals in football's most important competition over the years.

Definitive Ranking Of The 10 Best Soccer Players From Texas

March 2 is a special day for Texans. At least it is for the ones who log into Facebook and are flooded with stories about Texas Independence Day and remember — if only briefly — that Texas declared independence from Mexico on this date in 1836. So we thought it’d be a great idea to look at the best soccer players from Texas to commemorate this semi-special date. 

These Famous Footballers Don’t Get To Celebrate A Birthday This Year

It’s something we all celebrate once a year: the day of your birth. Well, everyone except for the unlucky souls who are born on the one day that only happens every four years. Those with February 29 birthdays must wait four years in between actual birthdays thanks to a quirky calendar and the creation of leap days. Many footballers are among that lot.