The History Of Soccer In Bitesize Form

The game of soccer brings together people from all over the world. It is a universal language, with a ball being the only word you need. Whether it is just a pick-up game in a park, playing competitively or watching a game with some friends, soccer is so much more than just a sport.

Today, soccer is all about the skill and speed. We are fortunate, to say the least, to live in an era where Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are playing at the same time and treating us all to a masterclass of the sport every time they take to the pitch. 

What Is The Meaning Of Soccer?

Do you know the true soccer meaning? It is quite the question. But we have the answer for you.

To give you a bit of context, we throw it back to England in the olden days. Not the days of everyone writing and speaking like that Shakespeare nutter, but the times before you and I were born.

Most British kids back then enjoyed nicknaming just about everything (and still do). Whether it was breakfast (brekker), bonfires (bonners) or rugby (rugger), everything had to have an “-er” on the end of the word. No one really knows why, but that’s the way it was.

Why We Love Soccer: Why It’s The Best Sport And How It Came To Be So

It can be hard, being a soccer fan in the United States. It’s the land of the free — freedom to watch countless different sporting events of varying quality. Just the other day cornhole (yes, the lawn game mainly played at tailgates) was on ESPN. So with all the options available, it’s important to remember why soccer is the best sport. 

Or, at least, why we love soccer. 

Why Soccer Didn’t Catch On In The World’s Most Populous Nations

Ever wondered why soccer failed to catch on in the United States and the other most populated countries in the world? This video from the brain4breakfast YouTube channel does a brilliant job of explaining why.

History Behind The #MeTwo Movement Sparked By Mesut Özil

It’s not quite the #MeToo movement, nor is it a Pokémon. But the #MeTwo movement in part inspired by Mesut Özil is evolving into something quite powerful, something that’s been building for decades. 

How Many Players On A Soccer Field: A History

Soccer has a pretty extensive history, dating back to the original rules cobbled together in 1863. One would expect the basics to have always been the same, but the rule on how many players on a soccer field at any given time hasn’t always been set in stone.

Why Croatia Deserves To Be World Champion

The Croatia World Cup final vs. France is definitely something historic for the Balkan country.

Not many countries have had the honor of reaching that stage. 

This has all the more merit considering how young the country is — Croatia was formed as a nation state in 1991 after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

Welcoming Immigration Is The Secret To Success At The World Cup (And In Everything Else)

Immigrant players and sons of immigrants largely make up World Cup rosters. Welcoming immigration has proven to be the secret to having success at the World Cup. Out of the four teams still remaining in the tournament, France, Belgium and England feature squads composed of players from very diverse origins.

Why Is Seven Nation Army A Soccer Chant?

The story of why is Seven Nation Army a soccer chant began, as most great stories do: in a bar, before a soccer match. But what makes Seven Nation Army such a unique force in soccer culture is not its small-time origin story or even its catchy riff — it’s the ability for people around the world, regardless of language or background, to meld as one in a unique chorus.