Cuatro Jugadores Del América En Problemas Por Fiesta Subidita De Tono

Los futbolistas siempre hicieron fiestas y nunca van a dejar de hacerlo. El problema es cuando la fiesta se sale de control, se hace pública y tienen que salir a ofrecer disculpas. No con uno, porque quién es uno como para exigirles algo, ni con los aficionados, porque quiénes son los aficionados como para exigirles algo, sino que con el club al que pertenecen, que es su empleador, y sus familias, si es el caso.

Christian Pulisic's Love Life Is A Mystery

As Christian Pulisic takes over Europe with his dashing smile and unstoppable skills on the pitch, you will be surprised to hear that nobody has locked down this young American star. Similar to the way Pulisic has his way with defenders, the young American star should have his options for potential love. He has proved to look sleek with a scruffy beard for the winter to cuddle up with and looks just as nice with it shaved off — how is this soccer star single?

¿Kate Upton, Eva Longoria Y Mesut Özil Al Necaxa? Los Rayos Responden A Los Rumores

¿Se imaginan a la actriz Eva Longoria, a la modelo Kate Upton -junto a su esposo, el beisbolista Jason Verlander- y al futbolista Mesut Özil yéndole a los Rayos del Necaxa? ¿Se los imaginan visitando el estadio Victoria de Aguascalientes? Bueno, la posibilidad no parece tan lejana o descabellada.

Assessing Every Angle Of The Daryl Dike Transfer Rumors

After just two months of English football, Barnsley striker Daryl Dike has transformed from a good MLS striker into a transfer target for some of Europe's biggest clubs.

The Oklahoma native has seven goals in 13 matches for Barnsley, and the club has earned 32 of 39 possible points in the Championship during that stretch.

Taylor Twellman Tries To Take High Road In Twitter Feud, But Jozy Altidore Isn’t Having It

Taylor Twellman tried to take the high road in the Jozy Altidore-Twellman Twitter feud that spilled into Thursday, but Jozy didn’t want to hear it. Whether or not Twellman’s at fault here, Altidore does not deserve the hate coming his way on social media right now.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Incredible Girlfriends Through The Years

When not remodeled into a statue, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most beautiful footballers in the world. So it’s little surprise many of the most beautiful women in the world have made the claim to fame of being a Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend. 

Ronaldo has never been a stranger to tabloids reporting on his love life, from rumored encounters with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton to confirmed relationships with models, swimsuit models and lingerie models. 

PSG To Monitor Players' Homes After Ángel Di María Robbery

Paris Saint-Germain will increase security at the homes of members of its squad after Sunday's robbery at the home of Argentine winger Ángel Di María and that of the father of Brazilian defender Marquinhos.

The case of Di María, whose home was already raided in 2015 when he was playing for Manchester United, occurred while the attacker was playing against Nantes. Warned by sporting director Leonardo, the footballer left the field and the Parc des Princes.

Jamaica Enters CONCACAF Arms Race After Federation Targets Dual Nationals

The excitement is building towards a pair of USMNT friendlies scheduled for the end of the month with the locations of the fixtures (Austria and Northern Ireland) dictating appearances from the European-based players who’ve helped supporters move beyond the last World Cup qualifying debacle.