Artur Boruc Quietly Made The Save Of The Season Against Liverpool

All the hand-wringing about Liverpool dropping points at home to Bournemouth Wednesday has, sadly, overshadowed one of the best plays you'll see in the EPL this season: Artur Boruc's save on a Nathaniel Clyne Howitzer. It'm here to give the save its proper celebration.

The play starts at 2:39.

Some Are Protesting, Some Are Posing For Selfies: The Disturbing Reaction To Convicted Murderer Bruno’s Signing

Bruno Fernandes de Souza hadn’t even been out of jail for a month before Brazilian soccer club Boa Esporte signed him as their goalkeeper. Now, most of us are all for giving someone a second chance after a mistake. But this wasn’t a simple infraction. Bruno was convicted of having his girlfriend killed and then feeding her body to dogs — it doesn’t get any less humane than that.

Watch River Plate Somehow Mess Up A 4-On-The-Goalie Break

(clears throat)

Webster's Dictionary defines "incompetence" as . . . 

It doesn't really matter what Webster's Dictionary defines incompetence as, because I know it when I see it, and this is it. First, Belgrano de Cordoba's defense took a nap when they should have been paying attention to what River Plate's attackers were doing. One defender was paying attention, but he played the situation badly and took himself out of the action right at the start.

Periodic Reminder That Joe Hart Is Trash

Legendary German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann said England goalkeeper Joe Hart is not world class, and for some reason this was taken as controversial by the types of English newspapers that spend a lot of time reporting how expensive Romelu Lukaku's car is.

Really, it shouldn't be controversial. Joe Hart is not and has never been world class. I do not possess the the ability to see into the future, but I'm guessing Hart won't be world class there, either.

Goalkeeper Convicted Of Feeding Girlfriend To Dogs: “Dude, What Happened, Happened”

The story of Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno and his sentencing to 22 years in prison is one that makes the stomach turn. Back in 2010, Bruno was playing for Flamengo in the Brazilian Serie A and reportedly on the verge of joining AC Milan. 

Involved in a dispute with former model Eliza Samudio over child support payments, Bruno had his friends kidnap her, torture her, murder her and fed to Rottweilers. A month after Samudio's disappearance, a judge ordered Bruno's arrest.

Atletico Madrid Goalkeeper Jan Oblak Pulls Off Sensational Triple Save

Atletico Madrid have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League for the fourth consecutive season, and for the fourth consecutive season, they look like legitimate contenders for Europe’s greatest club prize.

They have no reason to fear their potential opponents. They’re, of course, well-versed in the battles between themselves, Real Madrid and Barcelona. They finished above Bayern Munich in this season’s group stage (and beat them in the semifinals last year), and the same can be said with regards to Juventus two years ago.

Gianluigi Donnarumma's Performance Should Absolutely Terrify Juventus

The appointed heir to Gianluigi Buffon as Italy’s No. 1, could it be possible that AC Milan’s Gianluigi Donnarumma will eventually dwarf the Juventus legend? The 18-year-old goalkeeper was sensational in Milan’s highly controversial defeat to Juventus, recording nine saves and showcasing his strength, agility and tenacity. 

Pepe Reina, The Save And A Leak On The Corner Flag Highlight Serie A's Race For Second Place

The fight for second place in Serie A is serious business. Roma and Napoli are not fighting solely for the privilege of finishing behind Juventus, but battling to avoid a Champions League playoff qualifying spot. So bad is the history of Italian teams in the playoff rounds that Italy has, more often than not in recent years, only had two representatives in the group stages of Europe’s premier footballing tournament.

Thus, when Roma and Napoli played one another this weekend, the chance to finish in second was up for grabs.