Inside Of Foot Curled

This finishing shot is great when you need to elevate the ball high over defenders and the keeper in order to score. It's especially effective when the keeper comes out of goal and is charging low at the ball. In this video, you'll learn how to assess placement of your shot on goal, and the technique needed to put the correct spin on the ball and lift it over the keeper's head.

Driven Shot

The driven shot can help you generate as much power as possible when you’re shooting from outside the 18 and there’s time and space without a defender in the way. Start by keeping your head down, eyes focused and body compact. Make your prep touch at a 45-degree angle for maximum efficiency and force—and be sure to strike the ball with the top of your foot. A smooth stroke is far more important than leg speed in terms of aiming the ball at the goal and increasing your chances of scoring.

Diving Header

When the ball’s coming fast and low by the goal, a diving header is a great technique to try—even if it does take a bit of courage.  It involves diving forward early and striking the ball at the highest point with your forehead. The ball should be headed across the goal instead of flicked. And as you make contact, it’s key to let the power come from your legs and body. This is a fast move that can help you take advantage of a shot when there’s a direct line to the ball and a defender isn’t blocking your path.

Heading To Score

A great technique for putting a score on the board, this skill is effective when the ball is in the air near the goal. First you want to face the goal and head the ball down at the highest point of your jump with the middle of your forehead—while using the power from your legs and muscles. Then head the ball harder than the speed at which it comes at you and watch it all the way with your eyes. Just make sure not to over aim or steer into the corners—or you’ll lower your chances of making a score.