New Team = Same Zlatan

Maybe there is a new God of Manchester. With continued efforts such as these from Zlatan, a god he will be. BUT CRIKEY MATE! WHAT A FINISH! Are you serious, 3 minutes into his Man U debut, who else could pull off a stunt like that. The King of Sweeden started off his English debut in stunning fashion. An incoming ball from Valencia was chopped by Ibrahimovic and bounced into the top corner. Brillaint, elite and classy. Man this EPL season is going to fun isn't it eh?? The King needs a new crown!

Giovinco And Endoh's Back Combine For A Spectacular Finish

Sebastian Giovinco has been nothing short of spectacular in his days with in the MLS. The 29 year old Italian continues to wow and amaze US fans with gorgeous goals and assists for Toronto FC. After leaving Juventus to join the MLS in 2015, he has scored 34 goals in 53 appearances while also making himself a spot on the 2016 MLS All Star Team. Although his goal was taken away from him in the 8th minute after it took a ride off of Endoh's back; it was a beautiful goal that seems to be a reoccurrence for the Italian native.

A Superb Strike From Thomas Meunier Was A Nail In The Coffin For Real Madrid

OLE! Fantastic Goal Alert! Thomas Menuier silenced the Spanish fans as he took a poor pass out of the back from Real Madrid and TRULY made them pay the ultimate price. The price happened to be a upper ninety shifting laser off of his left boot. Real Madrid missing most of their starters for this International Champions Cup were put to bed after being down 3-0 40 minutes into their match against PSG. Although it still is preseason could PSG still be a team to make a solid UCL run without Zlatan? I guess we will find out! Which goal was better, PSG's 1-0 or this one? You decide! 

McNamara Breaks The Sound Barrier In A Rough Match For NYCFC

NYCFC took a 4-1 beating in the New York Derby Sunday afternoon after Bradley Wright-Phillips netted a brace. It was a one sided affair but NYCFC seemed to never go away due to Thomas McNamara's clinging to dear life. McNamara pulled NYCFC one goal closer at the very end of the first half with an absolute screamer that injected hope into visitors. A dream strike it was after he took a touch across his body and looked up to see the time and space he had. McNamara was nearly the hero again in the 53rd minute when a similar strike just hit the cross bar and bounced off.

Inside Of Foot Curled

This finishing shot is great when you need to elevate the ball high over defenders and the keeper in order to score. It's especially effective when the keeper comes out of goal and is charging low at the ball. In this video, you'll learn how to assess placement of your shot on goal, and the technique needed to put the correct spin on the ball and lift it over the keeper's head.

Driven Shot

The driven shot can help you generate as much power as possible when you’re shooting from outside the 18 and there’s time and space without a defender in the way. Start by keeping your head down, eyes focused and body compact. Make your prep touch at a 45-degree angle for maximum efficiency and force—and be sure to strike the ball with the top of your foot. A smooth stroke is far more important than leg speed in terms of aiming the ball at the goal and increasing your chances of scoring.