FIFA Men's World Cup

Lionel Messi’s International Retirement Will Continue Through World Cup Qualifying

Sources from Lionel Messi’s family have told that the former Argentina captain will not return for his country’s September World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Venezuela.

This Is Why You Should’ve Never Man-Marked Diego Maradona

Argentina’s opening match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico was against a South Korean side that was participating in the tournament for the first time since 1954. Argentina’s 1982 World Cup campaign, after having won the 1978 edition on home turf, had been a disaster. 

It had been Maradona’s first World Cup and defeats against Italy and Brazil had offered a glimpse of how to disrupt the Argentinian star: aggressively man-mark and foul the Argentine No. 10.

FIFA Moves Forward With Controversial 40-Team World Cup

FIFA president Gianni Infantino looks set to continue the work of his predecessor, Sepp Blatter, and disgraced UEFA president Michel Platini in expanding the World Cup to 40 teams.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will each feature the current format of 32 teams, which came into use for the 1998 edition of the tournament, but Infantino believes the 2026 World Cup will feature 40 national sides. 

Belgium Are Looking For A New Coach. We’ve Submitted Our Application

To say that Marc Wilmots underperformed as Belgium manager at Euro 2016 is akin to saying the USA men’s basketball team was off the pace at the 2006 Olympics or that the Republican Party hasn’t put their best foot forward for the 2016 presidential election. Wilmots screwed the pooch.

The Pitch Invading Dog That Won The World Cup

The 1962 FIFA World Cup was the seventh edition of the international competition, and it will long be remembered as the most brutally violent.

An injury to Pele, a match between Chile and Italy that became known as the Battle of Santiago and the inspiration for the use of yellow and red cards to clearly define offenses are some of the lasting legacies of the '62 World Cup in Chile.

These Videos Show Just How Bad The Qatar World Cup Is For Workers

Amnesty International published two new videos that show in gruesome detail the true nature of conditions for migrant workers working on the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Qatar World Cup is set to be held in the winter, and has been subject of criticisms from almost every angle imaginable. 

Can Kaka Become Brazil's Top All-Time Scorer In World Cup Qualifiers?

Kaka is two goals away from becoming Brazil’s all-time leading scorer in World Cup qualifiers, but his toughest obstacle will not be Venezuela.

In order to surpass Zico and Romario, both with 11 goals, the Orlando City player will have to persuade Brazil coach Dunga into letting him play.

The Brazilian manager called up Kaka to replace Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, who got injured before he could make his debut in World Cup qualifiers. The other main absence in Brazil’s squad is the team’s star, Neymar.

Russian World Cup Workers Not Getting Paid? Guess What FIFA Thinks About That.

As if there was ever a dull moment in the world of FIFA these days; issues revolving around the 2018 and 2022 World Cups continue to get worse. The laborers involved with constructing the Russian World Cup stadiums have come out saying they haven’t been paid for their work in months.

Hulk Warns FIFA Of Russian Racism At World Cup

The question of whether or not Russia should host the 2018 World Cup still remains in the air after recent stories of corruption from Sepp Blatter and FIFA have risen. Should plans for the next World Cup stay the same, more issues besides corruption will come to light during the summer tournament. 

Qatar Forces Worker-Slaves To Run Shoeless Marathon

As Qatar prepares for the 2022 World Cup, the systematic oppression of workers has reached a new low with this running race.