Striker Whiffs Completely, Then Scores The Goal Of His Life

Let this player be an example for us all. No matter how greatly you have embarrassed yourself this past week, no matter how catastrophic a failure yours might have been, you can still make today the greatest thing to ever happen to you.                                                     

Most Haunting Misses Of All Time

One of the glorious possibilities of the information age is that once something is created, it has the potential to be seen and appreciated by the entire world. Mind you, not just in the present, but for as long as there is electricity, an Internet connection and an interested audience. 

For athletes, this chance at immorality is a double-edged sword. Messi, for instance, won't complain that his many goals will live far beyond his last breath, but for players less fortunate, well, they will be haunted by the video record of their mistakes for the rest of their lives.