Gianluigi Buffon Biffed It During Italy's Celebration After Beating Belgium

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is one of the world's most coordinated humans. The 38-year-old stops soccer balls with his appendages for a living. He is a professional coordinated person. He bosses the net for Juventus, and set a record this season for most consecutive minutes in goal in Serie A without being scored on.

After Italy upended Belgium at Euro 2016, though, Buffon was not quite as coordinated as usual. Just take a look.

Ireland Fans Sang The Yaya-Kolo Toure Song At A Black Guy Because Reasons

Euro 2016 has made a remarkable number of headlines because of fan violence. UEFA has already threatened to boot England and Russia out of the tournament because of hooliganism. Luckily, there is one nation that brought fans who appear to be partaking in the Euros as a celebration of soccer and not an excuse to throw chairs at people: Ireland.

Yes, that Ireland. The Ireland whose citizens are famous for doing things like drunkenly throwing chairs and punching people.

Or, at least, Ireland brought Irish people on as good of behavior as Irish people can be on.

Jerome Boateng Just Made The Most Athletic Goal Line Clearance Of The Year

Ukraine was unlikely to beat Germany when they faced off in the first round of group play at Euro 2016 last weekend, but their struggles weren’t supposed to be this cruel. Ukraine played very well against Germany, and Germany quite honestly were boring, controlling the game with long spells of tepid possession. Still, Germany won 2-0.

Belgium Are Ranked Second In The World. Italy’s 3 Defenders Out-Classed Them All

Italy have defeated Belgium 2-0, and can you hear that? That deafening silence? That’s the rest of Europe coming to terms with the fact that Italy are once again a team to be reckoned with at a major tournament. 

Euro Violence Wouldn't Happen If The French Police Had Tanks, Says Russian FA Board Member

English fans and Russian fans keep fighting at Euro 2016, and that's a problem. But the Euro violence is not as much of a problem as one bloodthirsty Russian politician reportedly thinks.

Before the quote, a disclaimer: certainly, not all Russians. But, equally as certainly, some Russians. Like this one.

After Fan Violence, Rival Euro Fans Sing “Dancing Queen” Because Good People Exist

Things got contaversial at Euro 2016 during its opening weekend. During the 90 minutes between the opening and closing whistles of matches were spectacular, but otherwise, when the teams go away and fans are left to their own devices, hooliganism reigned Saturday. 

The most notorious incidences so far have involved the actions of England and Russia fans surrounding the England vs. Russia group stage match this past Saturday. Some of those incidences are depicted in this video:

Ireland Were Better Than Sweden, But Zlatan Was Better Than Ireland

Ireland. Sweden. Zlatan. Euros. The Irish played very well in their 1-1 draw with Sweden Monday, but there was one problem they couldn't account for. They didn't have Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

They did, however, have Wes Hoolihan, who scored teh opener and set drunken Irish fans dancing about and singing and buying each other pints and stereotypes.

Jogi Low Caught On Camera Scratching His Crotch Then Sniffing His Hand

Jogi Low can celebrate the fact that his Germany squad opened up Euro 2016 by taking care of business against Ukraine, 2-0, but, instead of doing that, maybe he shouldn't appear in public for a bit.

Low got caught by a camera on the sidelines doing . . . well he . . . just watch the video, which may or may not be safe for work (it probably is unless your company is run by Puritans).

Luka Modric Cannon Propels Croatia By Turkey

Luka Modric is a player that deserves to be talked about. His leadership and play are key for Croatia to operate as a unit. He demonstrated his "magic" Saturday against Turkey when he helped Croatia grab 3 points and jump to the top of group D. After a high Turkey clearance, Luka Modric came springing down the middle to hit a top spinning volley that skipped past the Turkish goalkeeper. A volley we all dream about, exectuted perfectly by Modric. The fans were so excited that they couldn't help but jump in and celebrate on the pitch with the players too...

Gerard Pique Scores Dramatic Winner For Toothless Spain

Spain vs. Czech Republic ended 1-0 for La Roja. Gerard Pique scored the decisive goal in the 87th minute to break Czech hearts. It was not a vintage performance from Spain, as they struggled to break down a Czech side that had not kept a clean sheet in a competitive match since 2013. Three points is three points however, and Spain are now level with Croatia at the top of Group D.