England And Slovakia's Brutal 0-0 Draw Allows Wales To Win Group B

Fans of uninteresting 0-0 draws must have been delighted at Slovakia vs. England Monday, because it set the standard for uninteresting 0-0 draws. Slovakia fans also probably enjoyed it, because the result means the Slovaks are likely through to the knockout stage.

Unbiased observers (really, if you're an unbiased observer, why would you watch this game?) took naps, while England fans and Martin Skrtel haters — a lot of overlap in that group — were not thrilled about the game.

"I Hope Puma Don't Produce Condoms," Says Xherdan Shaqiri After Four Swiss Jerseys Tear During Match

If you happened to watch Switzerland grind out a 0-0 draw with France on Sunday, we're sorry. We're so very, very sorry. 

It was a dull game, a fact which becomes all the more prevalent when you consider the fact most of the post-game analysis has been regarding the material of the Swiss team's Puma-produced jerseys. 

A Fan Screwed Up And Now Has To Wear A Wales Onesie For The Rest Of Euro 2016

Like something out of a cheesy coming of age flick, a 19-year-old Wales fan has been reduced to wearing a onesie for the remainder of his Euro 2016 experience after forgetting his luggage on a train.

Owen Midha, from Swansea, is the unfortunate soul you see pictured above, and here’s how he described his unfortunate situation: 

"I managed to lose my bags on the train here and my good friend Luke lent me this.”

Spain Becomes The First Team At Euro 2016 To Score More Than 2 Goals

Considering the game preceding this one had to be temporarily halted because fans threw flares onto the field, Spain vs. Turkey was a little tame. Spain became the first team at Euro 2016 to score three or more goals. This was also the first game that with a more than one goal difference 87 minutes in.

Croatian Fans Threw Flares Onto The Field During Croatia vs. Czech Republic

First, our becoming-standard and too-often-used disclaimer for negative stories about fans at Euro 2016: not all Croatians. But, some Croatians. Croatia were playing really well and up 2-1 against the Czech Republic Friday when a group of Croatian fans thought it would be cool to bombard the field with flares.

It was not cool.

Payet's Moment Of Brilliance Saves The Host Country

In case you missed it here is the stunner from Dimitri Payet. It was evident from the opening ceremony how much this game and tournament was going to mean to the French players. Tears of pure joy falling down Payet's face is all you need to see to know the meaning of his goal. Romania fought hard as they tied the game up with a penalty in the second half but the French were still searching for a goal and 3 points as regulation end neared.

Russian Fan Behavior In France Not Surprising Considering What They Do Back Home

As per usual when I write about the Russians at Euro 2016, I begin with this disclamer: not all Russians. But some Russians.

Italy's Worst Team In Recent Memory Might Be The Best Team At Euro 2016

Most people didn't expect much from Italy at Euro 2016, but no team has looked better so far. The italians have yet to concede a goal in the tournament and held one of the world's best players, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, without a shot on goal.

This Sad Wales Fan Is Feeling All The Feels

Sometimes, when two countries with such rich, intertwined histories as England and Wales compete on the biggest stages in sports, feels are felt. One sad Wales fan was caught on camera during Wales's crushing loss to England and he was feeling some serious feels.

He was feeling all the feels.