UEFA Hits Hungary With Punishment For Discriminatory Fan Behavior During Euro 2020

Hungary has been ordered to play its next two games behind closed doors after it was sanctioned for discriminatory behavior by fans during European Championship matches in Budapest, European soccer's governing body UEFA said on Friday.

The incidents occurred during Hungary's group-stage matches against Portugal, France and Germany, all hosted at the Puskás Arena.

Both Seeking To Complete Revivals, Italy And England Eye Euro 2020 Crown

LONDON — For all the differences in style and approach, there is a remarkable symmetry to the journeys taken by England and Italy towards Sunday's Euro 2020 final.

Both nations found themselves at historic low points with fans despairing at their decline and then discovered men who could bring change and quickly lead them on a path to success.

For England, that nadir was elimination from Euro 2016 in the last 16 at the hands of Iceland while Italy's despair came two years later when the four-times world champions failed to even qualify for the World Cup in Russia.

England Finally Back In Major Final, UEFA President Says Euro 2020 Format Was ‘Not Fair’

Days before a highly anticipated England-Italy final, UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin admitted the Euro 2020 format was unfair and said he wouldn’t do it again in the future.

Obviously. How else would England have reached a major final for the first time since 1966? (Kidding, maybe.)

Forget The Euros, Argentina vs. Brazil Is Weekend's Big Match

RIO DE JANEIRO — Europe might be waiting for England against Italy in Sunday's Euro 2020 showpiece, but there is an even bigger match to look forward to in South America as an older rivalry between two more successful teams kicks off in Saturday's Copa América final.

Brazil against Argentina is a true clasico. The teams first met in 1914 and in the years since have established themselves as two of the most storied sides in world soccer. Together they have won seven World Cups.

5 Young Euro 2020 Standouts Who Deserve Big Transfers This Summer

International tournaments often seem like a red carpet event for the biggest names in world football, yet often the most intriguing players on the pitch are the up-and-coming stars, the b-listers of the footballing world, if you will.

Euro 2020 introduced us to a wide range of talented young players. Some were familiar by name and statistical output, but this was the first chance for them to prove themselves on such a large stage. Others were relative unknowns, ony entering the public footballing consciousness within the last month.

World Tells England To Stop Lecturing On Diving After Soft As Charmin Penalty

LONDON - While England exulted at reaching a first major final since 1966, there was increasing outcry abroad over the penalty awarded for a foul on Raheem Sterling in extra time to give them a 2-1 win over Denmark in their Euro 2020 semifinal.

An array of media and football figures joined Danish fans in condemning the penalty as too cheap for such a big game, some saying England's haughty views on diving looked hypocritical in view of Sterling's tumble at the lightest of touches.

Opinion: Extra Time Is Abysmal And We Should Go Straight To Penalties Instead

Extra time is about as entertaining as watching your parents try to pick out furniture. You’d rather be anywhere else on the planet than stuck watching extra time. Those must be the worst 30 minutes of bonus time.

Piscinazo De Raheem Sterling Acabó Con El Sueño Danés Y Mandó A Inglaterra A La Final De La Euro

¡Splash! Todavía nos estamos secando el agua que Raheem Sterling salpicó después del piscinazo que terminó con el sueño europeo de Dinamarca.

Inglaterra se impuso a los escandinavos por 2-1 y logró su paso a la final de la Euro, en un juego donde no se cuestiona su superioridad, sino que la validez del penal que significó su clasificación. 

After Captivating The World, Denmark’s Magical Run Comes To An End

Like Bernie Sanders posted up at a presidential debate, Euro 2020 offered the world a chance to turn into vociferous fans of Denmark. Christian Eriksen’s collapse was numbingly tragic, but the way the Danes responded in the moment and the days after was the sort of archetypal hero story usually only reserved for myths.

Las Payasadas De Chiellini Ante Alba Distraen A España Y Llevan A Italia A La Final

Los analistas dirán que España perdió su paso a la final de la Euro 2020 porque no supo convertir en goles su 70 por ciento de posesión de balón y sus más de 900 pases. O porque Álvaro Morata está maldito. Y si bien algo tendrán de razón, hay un elemento que muchos olvidarán y que terminó siendo, quizás, lo más importante: la batería de trucos distractivos que desplegó Giorgio Chiellini ante Jordi Alba, en el sorteo de los lanzamientos desde los doce pasos.