Watch "The Phenomenon" Ronaldo's Top Five Goals For Barcelona

Ronaldo confirmed his status as the best young player in the world after scoring 54 goals in 57 games across all competitions for PSV Eindhoven. “The Phenomenon” wasn’t even 20 years old yet when Barcelona became interested in signing the Brazilian.

Barcelona finally landed Ronaldo by paying a then world record fee of $19.5 million, with the striker set to join the side for the 1996-97 season.

Gerard Pique’s Dream Champions League Draw Is To Mirror Real’s ‘Easy’ Route

There are no easy matches in the Champions League — or are there? According to Barcelona’s Gerard Pique, Real Madrid got the rub of the green with regards to Champions League draws last season. 

Real Madrid’s route to the final included victories over clubs that were, at the time, hardly at the top of their domestic leagues. So, when a fan asked Pique via Twitter what he’d like to see from Thursday’s group stage draw, Pique couldn’t resist a very obvious dig at Real:

Neymar Is Blonde Now Too

In the deliriousness following Brazil's Olympic win, Neymar has apparently gone a bit overboard and dyed his hair blonde. Apparently the entire team did this, which means that must have been some party.

Told To Die For Roma, They Went Out And Tried To Murder Instead

Everyone’s got a soft spot in their heart for AS Roma, apart from Lazio supporters of course. The club represents the Eternal City, the Italian capital with a history spanning more than two and a half thousand years. Its standing as one of the birthplaces of Western civilization makes anyone’s three-day visit turn into conversational fodder for the rest of their lifetime.

He Made The Most Difficult Technique In Soccer Look Easier Than Tying Your Shoes

It’s the most difficult shooting technique in the game, the side volley. With the ball flashing across your body, you’ve got to combine balance, technique and precision in equal measure.

I used to have a youth soccer coach who’d launch cross-field passes at us and tell us to attack the ball after letting it drift across our body. We’d all be tripping and slicing attempts while he screamed “aim small, miss small!” It was traumatizing.

Andre Gomes Rear-Ended Luis Suarez After Barcelona Practice

Earlier this week at Barcelona practice, new signing Andre Gomes crashed his team-issued Audi SUV into the back of Luis Suarez's team-issued SUV. This doesn't strike a good way to endear yourself to your new teammates, but Europe is a weird place. Maybe Gomes was just looking for attention.

Tecatito And Miguel Layun Scored To Help Porto Into The Champions League

Porto are in through the qualifying rounds to the Champions League group stage after defeating Roma (who by the end were playing with nine) 3-0, with the second and third goals being scored by Miguel Layun and Tecatito Corona, respectively.

First, Layun made Wojciech Szczesny look like a sillyhead and rounded the Roma keeper for an easy finish. 

DeAndre Yedlin Is Going To Tear It Up With Newcastle United

DeAndre Yedlin isn’t the finished product yet. If DeAndre Yedlin were in the life cycle of a concept, he’d still be in the incubation period — all uncontrollable pace and athleticism, alerting investors to his undoubted physical talents, but still offering no end product and no defensive consistency.

It’s An Absolute Privilege Watching Lionel Messi’s Top 10 Hits From Outside The Box

In July of 2014, FiveThirtyEight published an article entitled “Lionel Messi Is Impossible” which attempted to evaluate Messi’s goal-scoring abilities through the use of statistics and data.

One of the most ridiculous findings from all the number crunching was how much better Messi was than everybody else at shooting from distance. In fact, Messi’s efficiency from outside the box was almost as good as most other players inside of it.