13-Year-Old Prodigy Karamoko Dembele Is Playing The International Field

Celtic’s Karamoko Dembele, the 13-year-old prodigy who made headlines when making his debut for Celtic’s U-20 side, has triggered an international arms race between England and Scotland as both countries look to secure his services at the youth level. 

The English FA Has Some Very Bad Ideas For Bringing Girls Into Soccer

The FA, in its infinite wisdom, has decided there needs to be more girls playing the beautiful game in England. This in and of itself is a reasonable thing to want. Gender equality is good and the FA should want that. 

What is not reasonable or good is the document they made full of suggestions on how to get more females playing soccer.

Specifically, these suggestions were clearly not written by women, or girls, or anyone who has ever met a woman or girl.

Is This The Death Of Tackling In Football?

Jamie Vardy’s dismissal on Saturday for his lunge on Mame Biram Diouf was predicated on everything but the tackle itself. Having lost the ball to Glen Johnson in the buildup, that particular spirit that invokes images of Skittles Vodka and murmurs of “Chat Shit Get Banged” could be felt through televisions around the globe: Vardy, looking like Pokemon’s Rattata with Red Bull coursing through his mouse veins, was probably about to do something he’d regret.

Alex Morgan Signs With French Club Lyon

130 years after the people of France gifted the United States the Statue of Liberty, now an icon of our country, Alex Morgan, an idol of footballing excellence, has returned the favor by taking her talents to Lyon.

The Merseyside Derby Was Trash Until Sadio Mane Saved It

The Merseyside derby was today. It had everything you'd expect from such an occasion: tackles, fouls, more fouls, lots of fouls, all the fouls, every foul, grabbing, holding, kicking, Ross Barkley doing something extremely stupid, Jordan Henderson stomping around with his chest puffed like a guy who's had a few too many and thinks everyone is looking at his girlfriend, more fouls and exactly one goal.

But what a goal.

West Ham Fans Name Inanimate Object Their Man Of The Match

West Ham fans are devoted, rowdy and funny as hell. This isn’t based solely off of Green Street Hooligans, it’s a verifiable truth. For a club that’s never finished higher than third in England’s top tier and whose last major triumph came in the 1980 FA Cup, it’s remarkable that they still draw nearly 60,000 fans a game at the London Stadium. 

Juventus vs. Roma Taught Us That Serie A Is Basically Already Decided

Some weeks, there is nothing to write about. As much as the constant churn of the news cycle demands fresh content, the available information turns up nothing much. Then, hours are spent trying to find a new angle on why Atalanta are doing pretty well or why Sassuolo are struggling. If there’s really nothing, then just write about the latest stupid thing Inter have done. But this week is different.

Douglas Costa’s 37-Yard Laser Was Straight From A Comic Book

Bayern Munich were only 20 minutes away from dropping points against Darmstadt 98 on Sunday, the team at the bottom of the Bundesliga. With RB Leipzig continuing their breakneck start to the season, Brazilian winger Douglas Costa’s 71st-minute strike was as sensational as it was important.

From all of 37 yards, the 26-year-old broke Darmstadt’s brave resistance with an absolute laser that crashed in off the underside of the crossbar. 

Munich will now host Leipzig on Wednesday with both clubs level on points at the top of the table.