Chicharito’s Hand Got Really Messed Up, But His Return Date Has Been Determined

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez has taken to Twitter to reveal that the surgery he required after falling down the stairs of his home has been completed.

Chicharito is now recovering after the “perfect” surgery, confirming that the original timeline of a return in two week’s time is still the expected outcome.

Aston Villa's CEO Thinks Fans Are Better Judges Of Talent Than Scouts

New Aston Villa chairman and CEO Dr. Tony Xia has made a bit of a name for himself on Twitter, and he's kept the ball rolling with a post quoting Chairman Mao, the former leager of the Peoples Republic of Chine.

Dr. Tony's got the cure for what ails you and it's communism.

Jurgen Klopp Knows Where Nottingham Is Because Of Robin Hood

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has a map in his office. It is a map of England. It is there so he can figure out where the different clubs in England are actually located. We know he has this map because Gary Lineker pointed it out while filming a video for the BBC.

You would think 40 seconds of Jurgen Klopp talking about maps would be boring. You would be wrong.

Cristiano Ronaldo Brutally Trolled Antoine Griezmann In His UEFA Player Of The Year Speech

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the UEFA Player of the Season, much to the chagrin of one Antoine Griezmann, who thought he merited the win.

Here's what Griezmann told World Soccer earlier this week:

"Without being big-headed, I think I deserve it because I had a great season with my club and with the national team. Maybe I deserve to win the award.

Messi Won The UEFA Goal Of The Season Award Thanks To His Barcelona Teammates

Pep Guardiola doesn't coach Barcelona anymore (he'll stop by the Camp Nou for a visit with Manchester City in the UCL group stage), but the Blaugrana can still tiki-taka teams to death.

During last season's UCL group stage, they did their whole "death by 1,000 paper cuts" routine on Roma and it won UEFA's Goal of the Season award. Messi, the finisher, is technically the recipient, but we think the whole damn team should get a trophy for that move.

Gabor Kiraly, The Hungarian Sweatpants Dad Goalie, Has Won UEFA's Save Of The Season Award

Hungarian goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly, famous for wearing sweatpants during Euro 2016 and therefore becoming international soccer's official Dad, has won the UEFA Save of the Season Award for denying a Kevin de Bruyne free kick during Hungary's 4-0 loss to Belgium in the round of 16.

Takeaways From The Champions League Group Stage Draw

A quick word about the actual Champions League draw: it's a big dumb ceremony that needs some fixing, but will never be fixed because UEFA will never, ever admit that something is bad enough to need fixing. Anyway, the groups have been announced, and there's some fun stuff in here.

In Football, Managers Are Overrated And Optional

The 2016-17 Premier League is the “Year of the Manager.” Some of the world’s most famous, eccentric and respected managers have come to England in search of glory. Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp and Arsene Wenger are all elite level managers who have won major trophies throughout Europe. Through tactics, man-management and mind games only one deserving manager will lift the Premier League trophy in May. 

Or maybe none of the aforementioned managers will lift the trophy.  

Threatened By UEFA, Celtic Fans Decided To Match Any Fine With A Donation To Charity

Last week, during a UEFA Champions League qualifying playoff match against Israeli side Hapoel Be’er Sheva at Celtic Park, supporters of the Glasgow club raised Palestinian flags to raise awareness of what they describe as “the system of apartheid laws and practices including religious and ethnic based colonisation, military occupation and segregation” in Palestinian land.

From His Red Card On Neymar To His Stunning Goal Against Poland, Scott Brown’s Career Is Bonkers

Scotland national team and Celtic captain Scott Brown announced his retirement from international competition on August 19th. However, the pit bullish midfielder retires from Scotland manager Gordon Strachan’s side having left behind some famous memories for supporters of the Tartan Army. While he’s still busy cementing his legacy in Glasgow’s East End, this is the perfect moment to highlight some of the 31 year olds finer achievements. 

Here are some of the finest highlights from Brown’s 50 appearances for Scotland as well as his most notable moments for Celtic: