Only In Scotland: Rogue Rival Fan Watches Match From Hillside Bushes Of Dumbarton Castle

For all the wacky, zany, unexpected occurrences that have happened over the years in Scottish football (and there have been plenty), most of them have at least had a logical explanation.

The automated match camera that confused the referee's bald head for the ball? Completely improbable — but the deductive reasoning makes sense. 

NCAA Shouldn’t Treat Women’s Soccer Equally To Men’s Soccer, Here’s Why

Watching the Final Four on Friday night I was once again struck by how poor the referees have been during the women’s NCAA basketball tournament. From the first round when Texas A&M escaped an unprecedented defeat to a No. 15 seed over a missed back-court violation to UConn’s leading scorer fouling out in the semis on a call where she didn’t even make contact, the officiating in the tournament has not been good enough.

Taylor Twellman Tries To Take High Road In Twitter Feud, But Jozy Altidore Isn’t Having It

Taylor Twellman tried to take the high road in the Jozy Altidore-Twellman Twitter feud that spilled into Thursday, but Jozy didn’t want to hear it. Whether or not Twellman’s at fault here, Altidore does not deserve the hate coming his way on social media right now.

Jozy Altidore Goes After Taylor Twellman On Twitter — ‘You Weren’t Half Of Me’

Jozy Altidore is sick of listening to Taylor Twellman. 

The Toronto FC striker took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out the former USMNT forward and current ESPN commentator, saying Twellman’s international career was “laughable.”

Solskjaer Was Doing An OK Job, But Then He Disrespected Mohawk Haircuts

Ole Gunnar Solskjær went some way toward discarding his “Baby-face” misnomer on Monday with a savage dig at anyone that dares stray from mass conformity. Much like José Mourinho before him with his effusive praise of Scott McTominay’s “normal haircut,” Solskjær’s weird anecdote about dismissing a transfer target solely because of what they did with their hair shafts must have Paul Pogba raring to sign a contract extension at Old Trafford.   

Trevor Noah Playing FIFA Against Ted Lasso (Yes, The Character) Was Pure Bliss

In my opinion, there was no more beloved character in 2020 than Ted Lasso. During a difficult year, his eponymous show on Apple TV+ was a joy to watch. The first season had everything you could want from a series during a global pandemic: laughter, heart and soccer. 

But Ted Lasso met his match on Friday, and that was another of 2020’s biggest stars: Trevor Noah. 

Este Pájaro Le Puso Huevos Al Náutico Vs. Vera Cruz Del Campeonato Pernambucano

En la jerga futbolera, sabemos que el concepto “poner huevos” es meter, correr y dejar la vida dentro de la cancha. Y un poco de eso es lo que se vio en el partido en que el Naútico venció 3-1 al Vera Cruz, en la jornada 3 del Campeonato Pernambucano, en Brasil. Los “huevos”, eso sí, no fueron un aporte de alguno de los 22 jugadores que entraron al Estadio dos Aflitos, sino que de un pájaro que interrumpió el juego para depositar a su futuro polluelo en medio del campo.