What The World Looked Like The Last Time The USMNT Beat Mexico

The U.S. men's national team defeated Mexico in a highly contested match on Sunday to win the CONCACAF Nations League, marking the country’s first competitive victory over its rivals since September 10th, 2013.

The fruitless streak continued so long that I personally graduated middle school, high school and was just one year away from graduating college before the U.S. was victorious again. Christian Pulisic, the American captain who scored the go-ahead goal, was just 14 years old when the U.S. last claimed victory. 

What If Car Manufacturers Made Cleats? The Results Are Glorious

We’re four days away from the start of Euro 2020, and the excitement is building across the globe and in all industries. Case in point, here’s an awesome concept from Car Lease Fetcher (the UK’s first car leasing comparison site) that imagines what cleats would look like if designed by Europe’s leading car manufacturers.

Let's make this happen.

One Of The Greatest Dynasties In Sports History Has Just Come To An End

Olympique Lyonnais, one of the best sports dynasties ever, has been dethroned. 

After 14 straight D1 Féminine titles — which coincided with seven Champions League crowns — Lyon will end the 2020-21 season without either trophy, a remarkable end to one of the most dominant teams we’ve ever seen.

Here Are The Deep, Dark Secrets Players Discuss When They Cover Their Mouths

“Deep, dark secrets” may be a slight stretch, but there’s an answer for why do players cover their mouths when talking. The players in question are sometimes discussing topics that they wish to stay private, hence the mouth covering.

The phenomenon of players covering their mouths isn’t only seen in soccer. In nearly every sport, opposing players and teammates can be seen having covered-mouth discussions during and after the game.

Neymar Reta A Stephen Curry Después De Anotar Una Tremenda Canasta De Larga Distancia

Conocido por su habilidad con el balón en los pies, Neymar ahora también presume de su talento con el balón en las manos. El crack fue visto recientemente anotando una espectacular canasta de tres puntos desde el centro de la cancha, durante una sesión de entrenamiento de baloncesto con sus compañeros del PSG. 

USMNT Qualifies For World Cup! (The 2021 Futsal World Cup)

United States men’s soccer has been in a rut lately. In addition to failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, the U-23 squad hasn’t qualified for an Olympics since 2008, agonizingly missing another opportunity earlier this year. Even with the young talent excelling in Europe, it’s been a tough few years internationally, so you’ll excuse us if we celebrate the USMNT actually qualifying for a major international tournament, even if it’s just the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup.