Find Somebody Who Supports You Like Abby Wambach’s Wife Supports Her Running A Marathon

Abby Wambach has been away from professional sports for more than half a decade now, but she’s still a better athlete than anyone reading this, and yes, that includes you, person who thinks they’re better than everyone at everything. On Sunday, Wambach participated in her first marathon, completing the New York City Marathon in impressive time as her wife hilariously supported her, even if she didn’t quite record the fastest time from a former USWNT star. 

Raiders Receiver Henry Ruggs And Chelsea’s Alonso Committed The Same Crime — Yet One Still Plays

Sports fans across the U.S. were appalled by news on Tuesday that Las Vegas Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III drove drunk and crashed into a car going 156 mph, killing a woman and her dog. What sports fans may not know is that one of Christian Pulisic’s Chelsea teammates committed a similar crime. Did Marcos Alonso kill someone? Let’s compare the Ruggs and Alonso situations.

Mal Pugh Took A Break From NWSL Season To Watch Her Boyfriend Win The World Series

Mal Pugh and her Chicago Red Stars are preparing for a trip to the NWSL postseason. But the 23-year-old American winger took a slight detour ahead of her quarterfinal showdown against Carli Lloyd and Gotham FC on Sunday in Chicago. Pugh was in Houston on Tuesday, watching her boyfriend win the World Series.

NFL In London Might Be Weird But Not As Bizarre As Finding Out Christian Pulisic Is A Jets Fan

The NFL playing regular season games in London will always be weird to me. British fans were given a real treat on Sunday when they got to watch the frail Atlanta Falcons play the even weaker New York Jets at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The one bright spot of the game was we found out what NFL team Christian Pulisic supports.

Pulisic is a Jets fan!

Punch To The Guts Decides Futsal World Cup Final Between Portugal-Argentina

For the first time ever, Portugal has captured the Futsal World Cup. Pany Varela scored both of Portugal’s goals in a 2-1 victory over previous world champion Argentina, and the South American side was left crushed after the frame of the goal denied a last-second shot that would’ve sent the match to extra time.

Gucci Enters The World Of Indoor Soccer With $850 Shoe

The worlds of football and Gucci are no strangers to each other. On any given weekend you’ll see countless professionals departing the team bus and heading to the dressing room with their Gucci handbags in tow (except Kieran Tierney).

On the pitch, the greatest purveyor of the luxury fashion house is Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin, who frequently embarrasses defenders while wearing a $250 Gucci headband with a sticker over the branding to avoid a fine.

USA Begins Futsal World Cup With 11-0 Loss To Argentina, But They Are Gods Amongst Men

Futsal’s importance to developing great footballers has never been a secret. 

Brazil is the standard-bearer of the hard court game that favors ball control, passing in tight spaces and creativity over any sort of physical advantage. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Neymar, Pelé and Philipe Coutinho all played extensively in their youth, and what they learned and practiced on the court translated beautifully onto the pitch.

U.S. Open Champ Celebrated In A Way Only FIFA Fans Will Understand

Daniil Medvedev claimed his first major singles title on Sunday, denying Novak Djokovic of a calendar grand slam to win the U.S. Open. What followed was a celebration only FIFA fans will understand.

After dropping Djokovic in straight sets, Medvedev dropped to the court, a move instantly recognizable to anyone who’s played FIFA in the last five years.