What If Europe Had Bowls Like College Football? It Would Be Dumb And Look Something Like This

When not disrupted by big daddy Omicron, college football bowl season is one of the greatest times of the year. There’s something about your team playing hundreds of miles away against a random opponent with an even more random brand slapped on to the name that brings so much joy. Who doesn’t love the Dollar General Bowl?

What if this wonderful season of sport was transferred to European club soccer? We could see magnificent spectacles like this in Europe if we went through with this idea.

From The Court To The Pitch: Re-Envisioning European Soccer In College Basketball Terms

Rumors of a UEFA Super League have become increasingly prevalent in recent times as larger clubs look for ways to earn a buck any way they can. An official announcement of a Super League even came earlier this year before being trounced by fans across the continent.

Big clubs loathe the current Champions League format because it limits matchups against other big clubs and forces them to share the prize money, while smaller clubs believe the format is slanted against them.

Mal Pugh Becomes Engaged To MLB Player

Mal Pugh just missed out on an NWSL championship ring this year after her Chicago Red Stars lost 2-1 in extra time to Trinity Rodman’s Washington Spirit on Nov. 20. But she got another ring that’ll last even longer.

Major League Baseball player Dansby Swanson proposed to USWNT forward Mal Pugh this week, and the 23-year-old said yes.