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While Real Madrid Flounders, James Rodriguez Is In The Best Form Of His Bayern Career

Bayern Munich has opened an 18-point lead at the top of the Bundesliga after registering its eighth straight league victory with a 2-0 result against Mainz on Saturday, and it was Colombian attacker James Rodriguez again proving the side’s talisman with his second goal in three matches.

The Full Results Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup Draw

The World Cup draw was completed this morning at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow with the 32 finalist nations placed into eight groups of four. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will kick off on June 14 at Luzhniki Stadium with a match featuring host-side Russia and Saudi Arabia. We now know the makeup of the entire field for the competition as well as the group stage matches that'll captivate the planet next summer. Here are the full results from the 2018 FIFA World Cup draw. 

CONCACAF Approves The Totally Cool League Of Nations

CONCACAF officially approved the CONCACAF League of Nations on Thursday, setting up a cool new competition for the 41 national teams in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The League of Nations, which follows the lead of UEFA, is designed to provide quality, meaningful competition for all teams across the spectrum. Schedule and structural details will be announced in early 2018. 

Everything You Need To Know About The 2018 World Cup Draw

And so it’s settled. On November 15, Peru claimed the final spot in the 32-team field for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, bringing us to the final event before the June 14 kick off at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow: the draw to determine the eight groups of four for the finals.

When is the World Cup draw?

Bearded Hero Jedinak Lifts Socceroos Into The World Cup

Australia captain, defensive midfielder and rugged bearded hero Mile Jedinak had the game of his life, scoring a hat trick to propel the Socceroos to the 2018 World Cup with a 3-1 defeat of Honduras on Wednesday in Sydney. Jedinak scored on a free kick and two penalty kicks before Honduras’ Alberth Elis scored a consolation goal in the fourth minute of stoppage time. The first leg of the intercontinental playoff was a 0-0 draw in Honduras.

These Are The Best European Leagues For CONCACAF Players To Move To

While playing for a big team like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United or Chelsea is definitely the most common dream for young players, some analysis shows that moving to Spain or England may not be the best choice for CONCACAF players in Europe, at least not early on in their careers. 

In this article, we will analyze what the best options are for CONCACAF players dreaming of having successful careers across the pond.

The Trinidad & Tobago Wikipedia Page Was Edited To Drag The USMNT

The USMNT was eliminated from World Cup qualification Tuesday in humiliating fashion, and folks have wasted no time dancing on the grave of the USA's World Cup hopes.

It has since been changed, but this was the state of the Trinidad & Tobago Wikipedia page last night:

The President Of Panama Declared Today A National Holiday

Last night Panama officially reached the first World Cup finals in their history. Accordingly, Panama President Juan Carlos Varela has declared today a national holiday.

In a series of tweets, Varela gave public and private sector workers the day off, and canceled classes for students.

Here's Varela's full quote:

Panama Ball Boy Has More Heart Than The Entire USMNT

Maybe you’ve already heard, but the USMNT will not be going to the World Cup. They’ve been gazumped in the Hex by both Panama and Honduras following the most embarrassing defeat in the history of American sport. But America’s loss is another’s gain, primarily Panama’s, who’ve clinched automatic qualification to Russia. 

The USA Got CONCACAF'd Out Of The World Cup

This is not a goal. The ball did not go in the goal and therefore it cannot be a goal. The United States are out of the World Cup because this was called a goal. It was not a goal. The ball did not cross the line.

I need a drink. Goodnight.