The Battle Between Comedian John Oliver and FIFA’s Jack Warner Just Erupted

John Oliver and Jack Warner have been putting on quite the show lately. Warner, you'll recall, is the former CONCACAF head and FIFA executive vice-president who is accused of taking a $10 million bribe, and has claimed he has documents that will make the s***hammer come down on FIFA's head. Warner bragged about these documents on Trinidad and Tobagan TV, so John Oliver bought airtime on the same TV station to ask Warner to release the documents.

Cristiano Ronaldo May Have Just Made The Worst Video Game Of All Time

Just after making a video asking the media to "leave him alone," Cristiano Ronaldo is starring in a new video game called "Super Stars" in which he skateboards away from the media. Ronaldo is joined by a midget-Crash-Bandicoot-looking-thing called Hugo the Troll. Hugo the Troll also skateboards. The villain in this game, who stands in for all of the media, is named Paparazzi Pete. Paparazzi Pete drives a moped while trying to take pictures of Ronaldo.

Which Real Madrid Superstar Has Been Clubbing With Rihanna?

Oh, to be a superstar. The fame, the wealth, the glorious, glorious nights out on the town. Who knows who you might run into from the world of the rich and powerful? You might knock a few back with Will Farrell. You could brag about your greatest athletic accomplishment with Lebron. You could make James Earl Jones laugh and at the classiest place in the city, and then sit back and bask as the rich vibrations of his chuckle just warms up the room. You could even fall in love!

Carmelo Anthony Bought A Soccer Team

Carmelo Anthony is now the proud owner of NASL team Puerto Rico FC, which will be the 13th team in the NASL starting in 2016. 

Anthony and his wife both have ties to the island, and he has expressed interest in doing business on the island for some time.

In an interview with ESPN FC, Anthony admitted to being a soccer fan.

"My passion for soccer has always been there," Anthony said.

John Oliver Asks Jack Warner To Release Documents In Hilarious Commercial And Jack Warner Responds

John Oliver took out about four minutes of air-time in Trinidad & Tobago to try to coerce Jack Warner, a native of the islands and former FIFA executive, to turn over incriminating documents to the feds. Warner, who has served as a FIFA Vice President and head of CONCACAF, had bought a similar slice of airtime on the same station to threaten the release of the documents. 

Basically, Oliver made a TV commercial to the effect of, "Do it! Do it!"

Wayne Rooney's Kids Are Adorable, Goal-Scoring Machines

Wayne Rooney's sons, Kai Wayne Rooney and Klay Rooney, amused Manchester United fans when they stopped by Old Trafford.