Kevin Hart vs. Joe Hart: The Actor Tries To Score On The Goalkeeper

Ladies and Gentleman! The moment you've all been waiting for! Kevin Hart vs. Joe Hart!

Comedian Kevin Hart visited Manchester City's training complex with only one thing in mind...to convert a penalty against one of the most in-form keepers in the Premier League, Joe Hart. What followed was a penalty showdown of absolute ridiculousness. We don't want to rock the boat, but we suspect that Joe Hart may have thrown the contest. Maybe a little greasing of the wheels? Padding of the pockets? The fix is in guys! No? Whatever. Just watch it.

Part 1:

In 2006, Ronaldinho Said He Would Introduce Kobe To The Best Player Of All Time. It Was Messi

Kobe Bryant has retired, and as much as basketball fans will miss him and his unadulterated desire to win, we all now get to experience what I like to call “Victory Lap Kobe.” Victory Lad Kobe sells out stadiums everywhere he goes, because even the away fans of his most hated rivals still want to see the legend one in action last time.

Victory Lap Kobe has a certain appreciation of everything that’s going on around him because he knows everything he does could end up being the last time he does it, and he might not even know it at the time.

Who Should Take Messi’s Place On The Cover Of FIFA 17?

Lionel Messi, fresh off winning his 2015 Ballon d’Or award, will no longer grace the cover of the EA Sports’ popular FIFA game for this upcoming year. It’s been reported by multiple outlets that Messi’s contract with EA, which he signed in 2012, will expire later this year and there is no interest between both parties to renew the relationship. So no Messi on the FIFA 17 cover.

Tiger Woods' Kids Say They Want To Be Like Messi

For better or worse, Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer of all time. It is no exaggeration to say that he changed the entire sport. Watching Tiger in his Sunday-red was must-see TV for networks and people across the country alike. He paved the way for the game’s young talent to make the breakthrough into stardom. But he hasn’t won over his own kids! It turns out Tiger Woods' kids want to be like a different superstar athlete.

Neymar’s New Tattoo Shows How Much He Cares About Staying Humble

It’s been fascinating to see Neymar grow as a player. Once a teenager in Brazil that was capable of pulling off ridiculous goals against subpar competition, he is now a young man in Spain playing for Barcelona, pulling off even more ridiculous goals against world-class defenders. But for all of the success he has on the pitch, he is still humble, and that is what Neymar’s new tattoo reinforces. 

5 Pictures That Will Make You Want Kanye's New Football Boots

It didn't take us long this week to find our new favorite thing: the Yeezy Ace – a.k.a. a souped up pair of adidas Yeezys that were created as part of COPA BASEL, an event held at Art Basel Miami.

True aficionados will instantly recognize the inspiration for these football boots: the Kanye and adidas designed Yeezy Boost 350s in "pirate black."

Ronaldo’s New Best Friend Isn’t Just Intimidating. He Might Kill You

Super heavyweight kick boxer Badr Hari is no one to f*** with, unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo. Hari and Ronaldo have known each other for quite some time now if this photo on Hari’s Instagram from 50 weeks ago is anything to go by. A friendship has apparently blossomed in the intervening time. Hari’s Instagram has many pictures of him being Cristiano Ronaldo’s friend: hanging out, eating, and doing bro things.

Ronaldo Has Been Struggling. Usain Bolt Gave Him A Tip To Turn It Around.

Cristiano Ronaldo and speed have gone hand in hand for a long time. It has always been a massive part of his game. The step-overs have come and gone, the goal scoring has gotten immensely better, but throughout it all Ronaldo’s speed has been there.

Which Former Footballer Was Just Named Sexiest Man Alive?

David Beckham, formerly known as a pretty good English footballer, is now mostly known for being really good looking. And now he's even more known for that.

Beckham was named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," to the surprise of approximately no one. Except for maybe him. Like Derek Zoolander, he evidently feels "there's more to life than being really really, really, ridiculously good-looking."

This Romanian Player Has The Biggest House Of Any Footballer

Razvan Avran has a bigger house than you. He has a bigger house than me. He has a bigger house than all of us. That is because Razvan Avram, technically, lives in a stadium. Now, before visions of Home Alone-esque shenanigans go dancing through your heads, it's important to note why Avram lives in the stadium. He can't afford to live anywhere else because his club, FC Brasov, has run into financial difficulties.

Sure, it's not exactly the Camp Nou, but it's safe to say FC Brasov's stadium is bigger than your standard house, or just about any house, really.