The Media Were Targeting Ronaldo’s Son. Ronaldo’s Sister Defended Him

Ronaldo’s family has stepped up to protect Cristiano Jr. from media criticism after he was caught on camera looking at a phone while his dad played against Celta Vigo.

The newspaper Diario SPORT originally called out Cristiano Jr for being distracted during the game.

We Connected The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air With Soccer...Bet You Didn't Think We Could Pull It Off

Have you ever had one of those moments where completely unrelated things just start to intertwine with each other? 

Sort of like when you're moving and you throw a bunch of cables into the same box and maybe once they had a purpose, but that purpose has been long forgotten by the inevitable decay of time and a serious lack of organizational skills.

Quiz: Was This Said About Arsene Wenger Or Donald Trump?

Criticism surrounding Arsene Wenger has reached fever pitch with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry citing the angry mood of Arsenal supporters as evidence of a forthcoming mutiny at the Emirates. When the visible swelling of rage becomes the grounds for criticism in and of itself, the dsenfranchisement of those who once genuinely cared proof of systematic failure, you've approached something akin to the current presidential electoral process. 

Why A Shy Boy Who Used To Stutter Can Become A Superstar Who Can Handle Fame

If James Rodriguez is a Golden Boy, then he plays like one as well. We have all heard of a Golden Boy, or Golden Girl, who always did or said the right thing, and more so than that, always did the exceptional thing exceptionally well.

Looking through the honors of James’ on-field career, we see that same ability. He has been voted young player of the year in Argentina, player of the year in France, won the golden boot at the World Cup, and scored FIFA’s goal of the year.

Let's Celebrate Some Of Robert Pires' Best Moments

I know exactly what you were thinking when you initially read the sub-headline of this story:

“Wait, he was still around after all this time??”

Where Is Ronaldinho Now? Chasing The Great Dinho

When we last reported on Ronaldinho Gaucho, it was to alert you that the great Brazilian No. 10 was delaying his decision on where to play next until after Carnival.

Messi’s Greeting Of Paul Pogba Shows How All Winners Should Behave

Lionel Messi is a bit of an enigma. He has been painted as an anti-social genius, and as the quiet but friendly force that keeps the current Barcelona power trio of MSN in balance. It’s hard to know what to expect from him — is he abrasive or gregarious in his own quiet way? — and apparently this held true when Paul Pogba met Messi. 

I Have Something In Common With Donald Trump And I Don't Like That

I do not know why finding out that Donald Trump played high school soccer bothered me so much. But maybe I can figure it out.

Diplo Has Invested In A Soccer Club. Could Skrillex And The Biebs Help Out?

DJ, record producer and songwriter extraordinaire Diplo has invested in United Soccer League club Arizona United SC.

Celebrity Fans: Which Team Does Kobe Bryant Support?

Basketball great, Kobe Bryant, is an avid soccer fan. Having grown up in Italy, Bryant played soccer everyday and became immersed in the culture during his time there. So, which team does Kobe Bryant support? Why, A.C. Milan of course.