Will Tom Hanks Win $700,000 On Leicester City?

Leicester City’s Premier League title run has attracted the interest of fans and celebrities around the world. And it turns out one of them may have placed a £100 bet that could earn him £500,000 (or $729,185) should Leicester City win the title today.

Pele Wants To Come Out Of Retirement For The Olympics

For Brazil and the Olympics, it has often been a case of "always the bridesmaid, never the bride." Despite being runners-up in five competitions, the Brazilian team has never managed to win Olympic gold. Obviously, that's because Pele never got to play in the competition. Back in his day, professional players were not allowed to play in the Olympics, and so the Brazilian legend never got the chance to compete for the gold medal. 

Now That We Know Adele's A Spurs Fan, She Wrote "Hello" About Them, Right?

Earlier this week internationally famous singing person Adele threw her support for the Premiership title behind Tottenham Hotspur.

That in and of itself is only sort of newsy, but The18 has learned that Adele's smash hit "Hello" was originally written about Spurs, and we've gotten hold of an exclusive (fake) copy of an early studio take, which we present to you here:

Adele: OK let's get started! Pip pip jiminy crumpets!

Iker Casillas Marries The Reporter He Kissed After Winning The World Cup

Iker Casillas has married his longtime girlfriend Sara Carbonero according to reports. The pair’s relationship became a source of daily news throughout the 2010 World Cup, beginning with Spain’s shocking loss to Switzerland in group play and ending with an on air kiss between the two.

Casillas and Carbonero began dating in 2009, and their relationship was immediately thrown into the spotlight due to Casillas being Spain’s starting goalkeeper and Carbonero working as a sports reporter for Telecinco, a leading Spanish news source.

Who Should Be Cast In A Jamie Vardy Movie? Hint: Not Zac Efron

So, here's the deal: supposedly, there is actually a Jamie Vardy movie in the works. No, seriously. The English striker's rise from factory worker playing non-league soccer to Premier League record-breaker has apparently perked up the ears of executives in Hollywood. The man behind the movie, Adrian Butchart, is the man behind the "Goal!" trilogy and he has reportedly started the conversation on getting a Vardy movie made. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Wants His Son To Be A Top Footballer Just Like Him

Cristiano Ronaldo wants his son to grow up to be just like him. Whether or not that is possible will depend on a lot of factors (you know, like growing up and all that good stuff), but it seems that Ronaldo is trying to foster Cristiano Jr.’s love of the game, with out forcing him to be anything.  

"I want my son to be a player. I am a footballer and I want him to be one too," the Real Madrid star told the Chinese channel Zhejiang Satellite TV.

Johan Cruyff Brought His Magic To The US In The 1970s

Gone is Johan Cruyff, the player who revolutionized soccer in the early 70s. Cruyff epitomized the famed Total Soccer philosophy, but failed to win the 1974 World Cup, the only one he played in.

David Beckham Believes He Could Still Play In MLS

David Beckham will grace the cover of the April edition of GQ, and revealed in an interview with Michael Paterniti that he believes he could still cut it in Major League Soccer. 

Neymar’s Idol Was Brazil’s Next Big Thing. Then Neymar Took His Spot

Neymar made his professional debut when he was just 17 years old. He was still a kid, with idols and a need to prove himself, and probably had no idea how much success he would eventually see. Seven years later, Neymar is a part of one of the greatest teams of all time, and has done enough to surpass Neymar’s greatest idol as a child: Robinho.

From Sacred Dogs To Accused Murderers, Club Tijuana Is The Weirdest Team In Mexico

In case you missed it last week, Liga MX took MLS to school in the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals. The Mexican clubs (Club America, Queretaro, Santos Laguna, and Tigres) dominated their American opposition. While watching the results unfold, I realized I don’t know much about Mexico’s Liga MX and I needed to learn more.

So after diving into the wild world of Mexican club soccer, I came away with a wonderful, crazy, exciting, and bizarre realization.

Club Tijuana is AWESOME.