Could This Champion Get Flipped Like The Rest At FC Porto?

The transfer of Iker Casillas from Real Madrid to Porto, from a sporting point of view, looks positive for all involved in the transaction.

However, it would not be surprising if the signing of the Spanish goalkeeper, despite his advanced age, ended up including him in a long list of players who have been bought at low prices and then sold at high ones by the Portuguese team.

This Former FIFA Exec Just Traded Absurd Riches To The US For Freedom

If former FIFA Executive committee member Jeffrey Webb wants to convince people he isn't a hilariously corrupt person, he didn't do himself any favors when securing his bond.

Webb was one of the FIFA officials arrested during a sting operation in Zurich last month, and the first to be extradited to the United States. 

His bond releases him into house arrest, as long as the house is located within 20 miles of the court in Brooklyn he must appear at. He also must provide private security to make sure he doesn't escape, which he must pay for himself.

Date Set For FIFA Presidential Election

The date is finally set. Sepp Blatter's successor as FIFA President will be chosen at an extraordinary conference February 26, 2016. 

Blatter announced his resignation in June, just four days after winning his fifth presidential term.

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth?

It is hard to find the net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo. Specifically, it is hard to know if you have found the correct net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo. The values spat at you from a simple Google search range from $160 million to $310 million.

Ex-Player Sues His Former Club Over Benching

According to the New York Post, former Minnesota United player Mozesh "Mozzi" Gyorio is suing the team over a lack of playing time.

The Post reported that Gyorio is suing United because of an agreement reached while he was playing in England to come to the United States. The agreement supposedly promised Gyorio an abundance of playing time should he promise Minnesota his services.

Equal Pay For Equal Play: Why It's Time To Pay Women Soccer Players

Long after the stadium lights have dimmed, the interviews have ended and the traveling has stopped, the battle for equal pay continues for female soccer players.

Even though the USWNT just won the Women's World Cup, the team will only receive $2 million, compared to $35 million for the German men’s team last year. Individually, the USWNT players will each get about $300,000, which is roughly comparable to what the Germans got.

The Women’s World Cup Has Elevated Soccer in the States to New Heights

On average, more than 25.4 million viewers tuned in to see the USWNT defeat Japan on Fox, per the New York Times. But with the addition of Spanish channels, the average viewership reached 26.7 million. The total viewership for all or part of the match exceeded 40 million people.

The 2015 World Cup Ratings Were Huge. Here Is Why It Might Not Matter.

The eyes of the nation have been on soccer for the past week, and deservedly so.

Last Sunday’s final between the United States Women’s National Team and Japan smashed all previous ratings records for soccer in the United States, never mind the fact that it was a broadcast of women’s soccer.

What Is Going On At Anfield Road?

Short answer: Quite a lot!

It has definitely been a journey for Liverpool fans since the end of the 2013-2014 season. To cope with the loss of Luis Suarez, who found his way to Barcelona, Liverpool invested over £115 millions in the new squad, signing 8 new first-team players; a lot of activity and change for Brendan Rodgers’ squad; change that did not end in the hoped for success.