London Government Denies West Ham Supporters Details Regarding Move To New Stadium

The arrival of West Ham United’s new Olympic Stadium in the 2016/17 season has Hammer’s fans on the edge of their old Upton Park seats in excitement for the new 80,000 capacity stadium.

The Most Successful Man In Football (Again) Will Never Play A Single Game This Year.

It is hard to imagine that, in a transfer period that has seen a 19-year-old acquired for €80 million, Angel Di Maria somehow move to a better team, and Arsenal get the keeper that they always needed, that the winner of the 15/16 transfer window won’t play on a single professional pitch this year. He won’t even be in the technical area. As a matter of fact, he could theoretically go an entire year without stepping foot inside a stadium, and still do his job. It would be very hard to actually do that, but knowing the pedigree of this man, I wouldn’t put it beyond him.

Zlatan Shuts Down Hater Journalist

This is a public service announcement for journalists covering press conferences in which Zlatan Ibrahimovic happens to be speaking, especially journalists whom Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn't particularly like: maybe don't ask Zlatan questions that will make him turn into a fire-breathing Swedish monster, throwing insults around like he's at the roast of Donald Trump or something.

This Man Just Lost His Company $50 Million, So Why Is He Still Employed?

Being a NYSE-listed company, Manchester United have to make statements to the market whenever there is significant turnover in senior personnel. When Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, for example, it was first communicated in a formal statement to shareholders, and Manchester United PLC’s stock plummeted 4.5%.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bought A $31,000 Wax Statue Of Himself

The Madrid Museum of Wax has a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in it. That in itself is not so weird. Cristiano is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, and happens to play for a team in Madrid.

Cristiano saw his statue at the museum. This, too, is not so weird. If there existed a statue of us somewhere, we would likely venture to see it. 

He liked the statue. Still not weird. Statues in and of themselves are essentially compliments and should be taken as such.

He liked that statue so much he commissioned one just like it to be put in his house.

Barcelona Charge Mother Outrageous Price For Baby To Watch Messi

No one is safe from the inflated prices of major sporting events these days, not even babies. Roso Castellsagues found this out first hand as she was charged €54 for her ten-month-old child to gain admission to the second leg of the Spanish Supercopa.  

Messi Stars In Awesome New Adidas Commercial

Adidas just made a really cool commercial with Messi, but the commercial's intended message will shock you.

Don't worship Messi, make your own path. That's what Adidas wants. Adidas is sick and tired of people worshipping the athletes it pays untold millions of dollars for in exchange for those athletes endorsing Adidas's products, and Adidas can't take it anymore. 

Just watch:

QPR Barely Avoids A Fine That Could Put Them In Debt

Recently relegated English club Queen’s Park Rangers have dodged a Financial Fair Play sized bullet after claiming improperly counted losses. 

QPR reported a loss of just under 10 million pounds with roughly another 60 million pounds written off in loans. Whether or not the owners were aware that the 60 million written off in loans would count towards the entire total of 2013/14, the entire season’s losses totaled to roughly 70 million pounds. 

Bayern Munich’s Good Faith Has Helped A Lowly Club Escape Debt

Dynamo Dresden is a club with a lot of tradition in Germany. Known for its strong backing and fan base, Dresden has had a rollercoaster run through Germany’s football divisions over the past years. Bouncing back and forth between second league relegation and third division promotion, Dynamo Dresden often faced other obstacles, too.

Donald Trump Tried To Buy A Colombian Soccer Team

After acquiring a hotel in Medellin, Colombia, Donald Trump has expressed interest in buying a soccer team. Trump offered $100 million for Atletico Nacional, but their owners demanded $150 million.

"National wants $150 million to sell the club. For us, this proposal is unacceptable. Maybe they think we're stupid. We had offered $100 million. It was a significant offer. We are not willing to offer more and continue negotiations," Trump said in a statement.