Cristiano Ronaldo Bought His Agent An Island

It's good to be Cristiano Ronaldo's friend these days.

Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo's agent, found that out when Ronaldo acted as best man in Mendes's wedding. Ronaldo's gift for the couple: a Greek island.

Despite Greece's recent financial troubles, islands are still pretty pricey, with the cheapest of 12 listed islands for sale in Greece at 3 million Euros. 

America Is About To Get A Whole Lot More Of The Bundesliga

FOX Sports just got a whole lot more German.

The Bundesliga and FOX Sports have agreed to a deal in which FOX will either televise or stream every single Bundesliga game this upcoming season. Of the 306 Bundesliga games, 58 will be shown on FOX SPorts 1, 60 on FOX Sports 2, and the rest streamed on FOX Soccer Plus.

This Coach Says He Was Fired For Not Playing His Team's Owner Against Barcelona

Anatoly Korobochka might have the funniest horrible boss story ever. 

Korobochka was brought in to do front office stuff Hearts in the Scottish Premier League by owner Vladimir Romanov in 2006. In 2007, in the absence of a real manager, Korobochka was given the job even though he couldn't really speak English. 

That summer, Hearts played a friendly against Barcelona.

The Mob Museum In Las Vegas Is Adding A FIFA Exhibit

FIFA has tried to downplay allegations of corruption leveled against it by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, but the Mob Museum in Las Vegas isn't buying it.

The museum has annouced the opening of a FIFA exhibit, called "The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly," which will be permanently on display in the museum. 

Adidas Teases New Manchester United Kit On Vine

Last year, Manchester United and Adidas made waves when they announced a world-record kit deal, valued at a reported $1.3 billion over 10 years – $128 million per year to be precise. This came after a 13-year stretch with Nike as Manchester United's kit sponsor. That deal was worth an estimated $40 million per year, pittance compared to the new 10-year contract with Adidas.

So, what does $128 million per year buy Adidas in terms of brand visibility?

The 5 Most Inspired Transfers Of The Premier League So Far

There’s been no action on the pitch since mid-May in the English Premier League. However,  us enthusiasts out there have been able to keep our sanity in large part due to a plethora of transfer rumors, 90% of which never actually come through – your Bale-to-United’s and Benzema-to-Arsenal’s of the world. However, the 10% that do materialize make you question everything you once knew about the game.

Could This Champion Get Flipped Like The Rest At FC Porto?

The transfer of Iker Casillas from Real Madrid to Porto, from a sporting point of view, looks positive for all involved in the transaction.

However, it would not be surprising if the signing of the Spanish goalkeeper, despite his advanced age, ended up including him in a long list of players who have been bought at low prices and then sold at high ones by the Portuguese team.

This Former FIFA Exec Just Traded Absurd Riches To The US For Freedom

If former FIFA Executive committee member Jeffrey Webb wants to convince people he isn't a hilariously corrupt person, he didn't do himself any favors when securing his bond.

Webb was one of the FIFA officials arrested during a sting operation in Zurich last month, and the first to be extradited to the United States. 

His bond releases him into house arrest, as long as the house is located within 20 miles of the court in Brooklyn he must appear at. He also must provide private security to make sure he doesn't escape, which he must pay for himself.