5 Pictures That Will Make You Want Kanye's New Football Boots

It didn't take us long this week to find our new favorite thing: the Yeezy Ace – a.k.a. a souped up pair of adidas Yeezys that were created as part of COPA BASEL, an event held at Art Basel Miami.

True aficionados will instantly recognize the inspiration for these football boots: the Kanye and adidas designed Yeezy Boost 350s in "pirate black."

Neymar Set To Overtake Ronaldo, Become Face Of Nike

Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi. It seems like the soccer world has debated these two for a millennia. It’s no surprise, to be sure, with the two playing for storied and rival clubs in Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. However, the rivalry also extends toward sports marketing – and the heavyweights in soccer, Nike and adidas.

Just In Time For Your Holiday Wish List, Euro 2016 Kits Revealed

With the European Championships right around the corner, kit manufacturers have begun releasing the official Euro 2016 kits for participating national teams. 

Some of these designs will have you checking your bank account for expendable cash, while others will invariably have you adjusting your television’s color settings come June.

Here's a look at some of the threads the world's greatest will be sporting in France. 

Confirmed Euro 2016 Kits

Spain Euro 2016 Kits

Which Company Is Stopping Nike From Being #1 In Football?

While many soccer brands have been around since the early 1900s, jersey and individual player sponsorship slowly emerged in the mid-century. Iconic European companies like Umbro and Adidas were early player favorites but, in recent years, global behemoth Nike has set their sights on becoming the biggest brand in soccer. Last year, the American company put out one of the best soccer commercials which included some of the world’s most popular players like Ronaldo, Neymar and Rooney.

Weekend TV Preview: This Weekend Could Have A Huge Effect On The La Liga Title Race

El Clasico is two weeks away, but La Liga leaders Barcelona and Real Madrid cannot get lost in the drum-up toward the league's biggest match. Both face formidable opponents on Sunday, as Barcelona welcomes Villarreal to Camp Nou while Real Madrid travels to Sevilla.  

Barcelona will look to the their dynamic duo — Neymar and Luis Suarez — to continue their goal-scoring spree since Lionel Messi’s injury last month. Neymar leads La Liga with nine goals, while his Uruguayan colleague sits right behind him with eight.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bought A New $320,000 Ferrari Because He Is A Boss

Cristiano Ronaldo is the boss. He is the boss of you. He is the boss of your boss. He is the boss of everyone, with the possible exception of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is also the boss.

What makes a man the boss of everyone? Owning a $320,000 car and sitting on it like it's no big deal. 

The Best Footballer In The World Has Never Dreamt Of Doing Anything Else

Most kids, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, will give you a different answer every time you ask them. Not Lionel Messi though. He wanted to be a footballer.

"I've never thought of any other job."

Wouldn't we all like to say that? Some of us grow up wanting do do only one thing from a very young age. Very few of us actually get to become that thing, and certainly the odds are against it.

How Much Is Neymar's Net Worth? And How Much Is His Salary?

Neymar is on the fast track to become one of the richest athletes in the world. He's young, he's talented, he's marketable (which is a roundabout way of saying he's good-looking). His contract is already worth a lot and will be worth more in the coming years. He makes a ton in endorsements, and is sure to continue that trend. But how much is Neymar's net worth right now?

Neymar Net Worth

Neymar's net worth is about $60 million (€52,710,182.40)