Petr Cech, A Chelsea Legend, Has Just Shown How A Classy Player Switches Clubs

It’s official, people: Petr Cech is coming to Arsenal. 

As expected of someone as seasoned and successful as Cech, he left in just about as classy of a way as he possibly could: the rumors surrounding his transfer never became a pain; negotiations never became an ordeal greater than they needed to be. In the last act of this transfer saga that wasn’t, Cech tweeted out a good-bye letter addressed to “everybody involved at Chelsea Football Club.”

Arsene Wenger Is French, So You Have To See His Fashion Statement To Believe It

Marrakesh, Morocco. - A recent charity match featured Dider Drogba, Karim Benzema, Samuel Eto’o, Marouane Fellaini, and Remy Cabella, all in an effort to raise money and awareness to protect the rights of children in Morocco to get them off streets and reintegrated into school systems.  

Arsenal Fans Star In The Best Twitter Argument Of All Time

Two Arsenal fans just got in possibly the greatest Twitter fight of all time, about the age of Porto (at the time, he jumped to AC Milan literally during the writing of this article) striker Jackson Martinez, and really the nature of ages in general. Jackson Martines is 28. Or is he?

The New 2015-2016 Leaked Premier League Kits

As the new EPL season rolls in with transfers and sponsorship deals, so too do the new kits for the entire Premier League. Before 1993 and the introduction of the modern day league, it was a rare sight to see any club change the color or design of their shirts. Fast forward to today and we see the introduction of three new kits every season, which creates much hype among fans when purchasing their new club's colors. 

Here are the most recent confirmed and leaked kits of the upcoming 2015/16 season: