The Next Great Italian Striker Is An Invaluable Transfer Commodity

Last week, social media erupted amid news that Premier League side Arsenal had attempted to spend a huge amount of money on Serie A’s latest striking sensation, Andrea Belotti. Figures in the tens of millions were bandied about, converted from euros to pounds and back again until it seemed as though Arsenal’s penny-pinching ways had prevented their transfer business yet again. 

Arsenal Are Just An Alexis Sanchez Demand Away From Returning To Square One

For almost everyone involved with Arsenal FC, Tuesday’s spectacular 3-3 draw with Bournemouth, after being 3-0 down in the 70th minute, must’ve felt like a victory. Everyone apart from Alexis Sanchez, that is. 

Did Olivier Giroud Just Score The Greatest Goal Of All Time?

The debate as to where this goal falls on the list of the greatest of all time could rage ceaselessly, but this is almost certainly the greatest of the Premier League era.


Nicolas Cage Is In A Movie Called "Arsenal"

Nicolas Cage is making/has made a movie called Arsenal, which, from the trailer, you might not think is about soccer, specifically not about the North London-based EPL team of the same name.

But it is.

For a non-soccer, more Nicolas Cage-focused take on the trailer, read UPROXX's Brian Grubb on the subject.

Kevin De Bruyne’s No-Look, Cross-Field Volley Was The Best Assist Of The Season

Kevin De Bruyne registered his ninth assist in 16 Premier League matches by smashing a no-look, cross-field volley straight at Raheem Sterling, allowing the Englishman to beat Petr Cech at his near post for Manchester City’s go-ahead goal on Sunday.

Arsenal Once Again Show They Have No Chance Of Winning The Premier League

When it comes to the Premier League this season, many are seeing it as one of the most unpredictable campaigns in recent memory. There are plenty of quality teams battling it out at the top end of the division, but when you take a good look, there are only a few real contenders that shine through. Unfortunately for any Gunners fans out there, Arsenal do not fall into that category.