There Is A Wenger Out Movement That Involves "Wexit"

Arsenal fans have had enough of Arsene Wenger and his nonsense, what with the finishing in the EPL top four and making the Champions League knockout stage year after year. They want a little excitement. They want Wenger out.

Unfortunately, this is the way they are going about voicing their displeasure:

Arsenal Are In The Middle Of The Best Crisis Ever

The vitriol of the Arsenal fans was palpable in the build up to the Gunners' Champions League exit at the hands of Bayern Munich on Tuesday. For the better part of the last decade there has been a rift between the Arsenal faithful as to whether manager Arsene Wenger should stay or leave and the voice of the "Wenger out" faction has now reached a crescendo.

Arsenal! Arsenal!

We love you Arsenal, we do,

We love you Arsenal, we do,

We love you Arsenal, we do,

Oh Arsenal we love you!

Theo Walcott Fires One Straight At Manuel Neuer's Head

Going into the second leg of a Champions League match down 1-5 against mighty Bayern Munich isn’t ideal. But Theo Walcott and Arsenal got an early goal in the 20th minute that gave them a glimmer of hope.

Nicklas Bendtner And His Pants Are On The Move Again

Nicklas Bendtner's career has taken many magical turns throughout the years (many of them involving pants), and now he's adding a new chapter: he's on his way to Norway.

There Literally Could Not Have Been A Worse Time For Mesut Ozil’s Autobiography

This season could not be more quintessential Arsenal if it tried. From their annual shellacking by Bayern Munich in the round of 16 to their current standing of fourth in the Premier League, everything is going according to plan. 

Hand in hand with these results are the seasonal calls for Arsene Wenger to leave and the questioning of the big-game ability of the majority of their squad, particularly the team’s highest-paid player (who’s also asking for more money), Mesut Ozil.

Watch Olivier Giroud’s Scorpion Goal The Way God Intended: In Lego Form

Thanks to animator Weevil888, we get to relive Olivier Giroud’s fantastic scorpion kick goal against Crystal Palace in quality that makes Planet Earth II’s Ultra-high-definition look like garbage. Because now, for the first time ever, it’s been recreated in glorious Lego form. 

Olivier Giroud is as dashing a Lego person as you’ll ever see, Alexis Sanchez has got his blue gloves on and some Gunners supporters want “Wenger In” and some want “Wenger Out”.