Kevin De Bruyne’s No-Look, Cross-Field Volley Was The Best Assist Of The Season

Kevin De Bruyne registered his ninth assist in 16 Premier League matches by smashing a no-look, cross-field volley straight at Raheem Sterling, allowing the Englishman to beat Petr Cech at his near post for Manchester City’s go-ahead goal on Sunday.

Arsenal Once Again Show They Have No Chance Of Winning The Premier League

When it comes to the Premier League this season, many are seeing it as one of the most unpredictable campaigns in recent memory. There are plenty of quality teams battling it out at the top end of the division, but when you take a good look, there are only a few real contenders that shine through. Unfortunately for any Gunners fans out there, Arsenal do not fall into that category.

Arsenal Drawing Bayern Munich Is The Most Arsenal Thing That Could Have Happened

We thought this year might be different. How wrong we were. We thought this might be the year that Arsenal finally catch a break in the Champions League round of 16 and push through to the quarterfinals, ending a six-year round of 16 losing streak. We thought "surely they won't draw Bayern Munich again, that would be too cruel even for the soccer gods".

Arsenal drew Bayern Munich again.

Theo Walcott Broke A Control Record Held By Lionel Messi

You might be angry with the headline, but it’s the truth. It’s not click bait, a click bait article, by definition, doesn’t give you the information promised in the headline. Theo Walcott, as now certified by the Guinness Book of Records, has better control than Lionel Messi. It's the truth, I mean, if you can’t trust the Guinness Book of Records, who can you trust?  

So it’s a subjective form of control, and by subjective I mean it’s based off of who can control a ball dropped from a ridiculous altitude, but it’s a form of control no less.

The Premier League’s Most Incredible Streak Is On The Line This Saturday

Dating back to December of 2004, it’s been a miserly stretch of 13 games for Arsene Wenger against his old nemesis, Jose Mourinho. It’s not just the inability to defeat the former Chelsea manager that must irk Wenger, but the style with which Mourinho has gone about stymying his Arsenal sides.