Alexis Sanchez Hits Perfect Free Kick

The Gunners were the first to strike in their match against Middlesbrough at Riverside Stadium. Frantic defending by Middlesbrough led to a clumsy challenge on the top of the box on Granit Xhaka by Adam Clayton. To any goalkeeper in the world, fear sinks in when the likes of Ozil and Sanchez are both standing over the ball for a free kick. Alexis Sanchez took initiative and placed the ball perfectly up and over the wall into the net. 

Notes From The "Wenger Out" Wedding

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. And to express our disgust at the face that Arsene Wenger is still managing the Gunners.

You have to be really mad to take time and energy out of your wedding day to protest Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal Had A Good Run

Arsenal lost 3-0 to Crystal Palace today, putting a real squeeze on their top four chances. After years and years of consistent success, it feels weird for the Gunners to be on the outside looking in.

Someone Brought A "Wenger Out" Sign To Wrestlemania

Independent of this weekend's Arsenal Fan TV fireworks (or perhaps not, that would be fun), someone brought a "Wenger Out" sign to Wrestlemania.

You know what this means: soccer has finally made it in America! Woo!

Arsenal Fan TV Has Finally Descended Into Violence

In December, I wrote about a violent-looking Nic Cage flick called "Arsenal", which I joked was about Arsenal Fan TV and the raging "Wenger in" vs. "Wenger out" debate.

I am no longer joking. Arsenal's legion of strong-opinion-havers has finally gotten physical, and the only surprise is it took them this long.

Soccer Is The Best Form Of Art

Football has had its fair share of beautiful photography over the years, but what if there was a gallery of short, animated moments that illustrated the artfulness of the game? That’s where the Football In Motion Art Gallery comes into play. It’s a shitty name, but it’s one helluva art gallery.