Arsenal Owner Stan Kroenke Creates Entire TV Channel Devoted To Hunting Trophies

RIP Arsenal Fan TV. Long live My Outdoor TV.

The wondrous videos of Gunners supporters eloquently stating their dissatisfaction with Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke on Arsenal Fan TV will soon be a thing of the past. Kroenke has finally devoted himself to bringing home the biggest trophies. 

Alexis Sanchez Has A Cold

Alexis Sanchez has a cold. He is currently not training with Arsenal because of said cold. He posted on Instagram about his cold and also one of his dogs was involved because duh.

Everyone Would Swipe Right On This Alexis Sanchez Tinder Profile

Alexis Sanchez recently posted a video on Instagram stories showing off his new girlfriend, Chilean actress Mayte Rodriguez.

How is it that professional soccer players easily find beautiful people to date and/or marry?

Tinder, we assume.

Alexis’ profile probably looks something like this

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