It's Past Time For Arsene Wenger To Leave Arsenal

It wasn't that Arsenal lost to Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final. That was to be expected. It was how they lost. At least, that's what the folks who get paid lots of money to unleash Hot Soccer Takes are saying. No word on what their Hot Soccer Takes would be if Arsenal had gamely hung in there and lost a close one.

Manchester City Makes Child Cry With Ruthless Destruction Of Arsenal

Look what you’ve done, Pep, Sergio and Vincent. Your unparalleled skills and ruthless execution have induced tears from a youngster. Are you proud of yourselves? It was bad enough you turned an entertaining Carabao Cup final into a boring rout, but the indelible image of the match will be of a crying child at the merciless destruction of his beloved Arsenal.

It’s Arsenal vs. Milan Again With A Couple Subtle Changes

For the first time since the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League Round of 16, Arsenal have been drawn against AC Milan in European competition. But, with the encounter now taking place in the Europa League and the added coinkydink of both sides sitting sixth domestically (both are also eight points back of fourth place), there’ll be a lot of glorious nostalgia mixed with contemporary handwringing before the San Siro first leg on March 8.

Arsenal vs. Östersunds FK: The Fiercest Rivalry You’ve Never Heard Of

In every sport, there are rivalries that transcend all others — Yankees vs. Red Sox, Lakers vs. Celtics, Duke vs. UNC, North Korea vs. South Korea, Alabama vs. everyone outside of Tuscaloosa. For football purists, nothing beats the rivalry between Arsenal and Östersunds FK. Fortunately for soccer fans around the globe, the Europa League will bring us another thrilling chapter in the Arsenal vs. Ostersund rivalry on Thursday.

Lacazette Shows Why Arsenal Bought Aubameyang In Tottenham’s 1-0 Win In North London Derby

Tottenham’s torrent form at Wembley continued; Arsenal’s did not. Spurs won the North London derby 1-0 on Saturday thanks to a Harry Kane header and the Gunners’ hopes of securing the Arsene Wenger Memorial Trophy for finishing in the top four are all but dead. 

Prodigal Son Robin van Persie Scores A Spectacular Goal For Feyenoord

Robin van Persie grew up in Rotterdam, where 15-time Dutch champions Feyenoord are something like a religion. Van Persie joined the club’s youth system as a 16-year-old after spending his formative years with Feyenoord satellite club Excelsior. He made his debut at 17 and spent three seasons with the first team before his transfer to Arsenal.

'Wenger Out' Sign Spotted During Super Bowl Celebration

You just can't go anywhere these days without seeing a "Wenger Out" sign. That includes, apparently, the Super Bowl victory celebration in Philadelphia last night.

I have a sneaking suspicion the sign is fake, but the "Wenger Out" movement is certainly real and wide-ranging enough that this is at least somewhat believable. 

6 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up How Arsenal Fans Feel Today

One game into the Mkhitaryan-Aubameyang Era, and Arsenal fans have declared victory. The New Arsenal is here.

The New Arsenal

Mission accomplished. We know how this went last time. (Photo: The18)

Fresh Off The Plane In Spain, Messi Sent Francis Coquelin Back To London

Here’s an idea: a book or film chronicling the moments when various footballers were first introduced to the otherworldly enigma that is Lionel Messi. It’d be a hugely enjoyable, albeit largely repetitive, piece.