France Goalie Lloris Saves Grasshopper From Mouth Before Making The Save Of The Tournament

France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris had two opponents to deal with in the first half against Uruguay. In addition to keeping La Celeste off the scoreboard, Lloris saved a grasshopper from certain death. Perhaps encouraged by his gallant deed, the Lloris save vs Uruguay near the end of the half was the best stop of the tournament. 

Lloris made four saves against Uruguay in the first half, but the most troubling came from the animal kingdom when, in the 17th minute, a large grasshopper crawled into and out of the Tottenham keeper’s mouth.

A Kangaroo Decided To Invade The Pitch During A Game In Australia

Australia: the land of Vegemite, beautiful beaches, plenty of animals that want to kill you, a plethora of other animals that likely won’t kill you but could if they wanted to and the mighty Socceroos

It turns out Australia is home to animal pitch invaders as well. More specifically, it's home to a pitch-invading kangaroo. 

Which Animal Is The Best At Predicting World Cup Games? (Hint: It's Our Chameleon)

With every World Cup tournament comes the inevitable predictions from various types of animals. The 2010 World Cup saw Paul the Octopus set the bar high for every animal, as he accurately predicted the outcome of every Germany match as well as the World Cup final. Yes, he even predicted that they would lose to Spain in the semifinals, causing mass outrage amongst German fans to the point where they wanted to eat the poor guy

Leon The Chameleon Predicts Spain vs Portugal

Meet Leon the Chameleon. Throughout the World Cup he will be predicting matches doing the thing he does best: eating crickets. His first match is a crucial Group B match up between Spain and Portugal. 


Portugal vs Spain Projected Starting Lineups 


GK: David de Gea

LB: Jordi Alba | CB: Sergio Ramos | CB: Gerard Pique | RB: Daniel Carvajal

CDM: Sergio Busquets | CM: Andres Iniesta | CM: Thiago Alcantara 

LW: David Silva | ST: Diego Costa | RW: Isco 

Look Out, Here Comes A Bear With The Match Ball

We'll say this about Russia: It has established a brand and executed a plan to grow the brand into something world-renowned and maintained the brand very well.

What is Russia's brand you ask? Oh, you already know. "Crazy stuff happens here." "It's like if Florida was cold and a country." "Anything can happen at any time and everyone is miserable."

30 Footballers Who Are Animal Lovers At Heart

If there’s one thing people like more than football, it’s animals. Few can resist a cute pup, cuddly cat or rascally raccoon. OK maybe not so much the raccoon, but everyone definitely loves pictures of footballers with animals. 

Soccer players, just like the rest of us, love their pets — and animals in general. We love soccer players and animals, so we felt it prudent to compile a list of the 30 cutest pictures of footballers with animals.

Girl Gets Bored To Death At Sister’s Soccer Game, Unearths 65 Million-Year-Old Fossil

She’s here — the savior of American paleontology. A seven-year-old fossil hoarder of rare vision, technique and digging skills. Will the United States Women’s Paleontology National Team (USWPNT) win the 2032 Fossil-Finding World Cup? If Naomi Vaughan keeps up her recent form over the next 15 years, definitely.

Sorry, as a soccer website, it’s our responsibility to hype these sorts of things to an ungodly degree.