Watch: Brazilian Player Has A Macaw Land On Her Head During Training

An unreal scene took place during a training session for the Brazil women’s national team when a macaw landed on the head of defender Bruna Benites. No, it was not during a match despite nearly every sports media outlet saying so.

The18 Celebrates International Dog Day With The Top 18 Soccer Dogs

I was going to write some long introduction for the best soccer dogs of all time. Let's be real here, you're here for the dogs. Without wasting anymore time, here are the pooches you're looking for.

The Top 18 Soccer Dogs Of All Time

18. Air Bud

Philadelphia Union Stadium To Feature Cardboard Cutouts Of Adoptable Dogs

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, in which having fans in American stadiums is highly irresponsible given the federal government’s complete failure to control the spread of Covid-19, professional sports teams have turned to inventive ways to get fans involved. MLS and the NBA have used live video feeds of fans displayed in the background of the action. Many MLB teams have created cardboard cutouts of fans behind home plate. Some broadcasters have used computer-animated fans to fill the stadiums.

But nothing beats the Philadelphia Union’s plan.

The Quest To Find The Perfect Soccer Ball For Your Dog

Covid-19 continues to spread rampantly with 35 U.S. states still posting higher than recommended positivity rates. The implications of this are far-reaching and continue to affect our daily lives, but I’m here to talk about the most important of the least important things: playing recreational soccer.

The 5 Best Animal Pitch Invaders Of All Time

Soccer can be a wild game at times, but it becomes even crazier when the Wild enters the game. Animals on the field are infinitely better than when some knucklehead has one too many drinks and runs out from the stands. There will be no fans invading the pitch this time around as we look at the five best animals on soccer fields.

As far as we know, no animals were physically harmed in any of these five videos. We can confirm that No. 4 on the list’s feelings were severely damaged and that an apology better have been issued.

After A Month In The Bubble, Lindsey Horan Is Reunited With Her Beloved Doggo

Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many American sports leagues have opted to return to play by forcing players and staff into a “bubble” of sorts, containing all essential personnel in a Covid-free zone to ensure their safety.

Soccer Players With The Craziest Pets

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to turn to their pets for social interactions. Felines and dogs make great stay-at-home buddies for playing and taking snoozes together. 

Plenty of professional soccer players like Alex Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rose Lavelle all have pet dogs to keep them company. Players like Robin Van Persie, Kevin De Bruyne and Adrianna Franch are on team cats. Some players go for the bizarre with their pets.

Here is a list of soccer players with the craziest pets.

2020 Goalkeeper Of The Year Award Hotly Contested Between Two Felines

In April during the height of quarantine the internet went crazy for a cat playing goalkeeper. The second wave is here after popular FIFA Youtuber ChrisMD posted a video of his own feline guarding the goal-line. I must say, this cat goalkeeper gives the last one a run for its money.