Beautiful, Well-Behaved Shepherd Dog Interrupts Swiss Super League Match

A high-profile match between FC Zurich and Sion in the Swiss Super League was brought to a halt in the 40th-minute when a beautiful White Swiss Shepherd Dog appeared on the near touch-line before scampering down the wing.

As everyone wondered what to do next, FC Zurich chairman Ancillo Canepa appeared from his presidential suite, ran down the stairs past the substitutes and helped the dog find its way back down the tunnel.

Ref Shows Dog Red Card For Invading Pitch One Too Many Times

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with more people working from home, it’s not uncommon for house pets to join in on work meetings. My cat has jumped into my lap during countless Zoom meetings, either loving the attention or completely oblivious. Pets have also continued to pop up in soccer matches; we’re never upset to see a good boy or girl interrupt a game in search of a belly rub. 

But everyone has to get back to work eventually, and when an animal doesn’t leave you alone, drastic measures must be taken, as was the case as a dog was shown a red card this week in Serbia.

Pitch-Invading Dog Can’t Get His Adidas Boots On

Some of those new adidas boots are awfully hard to get on. Just look at this young Bolivian pup — we’ll call him Barko Etcheverry — trying to lace-up for his local Primera División side. 

The shoe wouldn’t fit, so he was forced to quit (after a period of feigning injury and rolling around the pitch).

This Club’s Training Drills Must’ve Been Created By A 5-Year-Old

If I had a nickel for every time I wrote about fish soccer I would have ten cents, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it’s happened twice. I tip my hat to any readers who understand that reference.

Obscure nods to TV shows aside, I once again bring you the joys of fish soccer. This time around the humans are pretending to be slippery salmons seeking scoring success. Carlisle United, in England’s League Two, must have a child orchestrating the team’s recovery sessions. The players engaged in the most ridiculous “recovery” exercise I have ever seen.

Footballers And Animals — The Perfect Combination

There is nothing better than seeing a cute animal on your timeline, especially when you pair a cute fluffy animal with one of your favorite footballers. Nothing beats that.

In a time of a pandemic, economic crisis and the election, things can start to get stressful, which is why seeing things that make you happy and put a smile on your face are important now more than ever. So enjoy some cute creatures with some professional ballers that are gauranteed to make you smile.

Watch As Croatian Team Scores And Rowdy Parrot Joins The Celebrations

For the second time in the span of ten days, a parrot has decided it wants to dabble in the mystic arts of soccer. The majestic birds have long been barred from participating in the sport with Tottenham loanee Troy Parrot being the only known one playing at the professional level.