The Zlatan Cavani Duo

Hopes are high in Paris and they should be with the way the Zlatan Cavani duo have produced this season. The Swede and the Uruguayan linked up for one of the nicer goals of the Champions League and Laurent Blanc's bunch are looking dangerous earlier on in European compition. 

Unreal Solo Goal

Taking on an entire defense on your own takes stones and that is what Hatem Ben Arfa had when he scored this unreal solo goal. The 28-year-old from France began his run fending off a defender and then going balls to the wall towards the goal. Ben Arfa kept his head up and went at 5 St. Etienne defenders before blasting a low right footed shot past the keeper. 

Suarez Goal vs Leverkusen

With Lionel Messi out with a knee injury, Barcelona needed someone to step up, and they got just that with this Suarez goal vs Leverkusen in the second round of Champions League group matches. The Uruguayan executed a perfect finish off of a pass from Munir El Haddadi, who weaseled his way through the Leverkusen defense. Barcelona were not playing very Barcelona like during the match. They were out possesed and out shot, but come the 82nd minute Suarez stepped up to the plate and cracked a perfectly placed right footed shot into the upper corner. 

Lewandowski Scored 5 Goals In 9 Minutes

Everyone, Robert Lewandowski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes. Now there are a lot of things that can happen in 9 minutes, but scoring 5 goals in a Bundesliga match against a top opponent in the league is about as much an anomaly as Donald Trump leading the primaries for the GOP. But both things are happening, and the goal explosion has spurred something special for Lewandowski. The Polish player has been on an absolte tear since the 5 goal performance. Since then he has added 7 more goals in the following three games after arguably the best 10 minute soccer performance of all time.

Christian Eriksen Goal For Tottenham

This Christen Eriksen goal for Tottenham is what Spurs fans were expecting from the Denmark international this season. The lad has had a slow start in the Premier League, but his two goal performance this weekend may be a sign for what's to come from the 23-year-old. Sitting in the middle of the tabe and coming off a 4-1 shalacking of first place Chelsea, Tottenham looked to steal three points from a solid Swansea team who hasn't won since their 2-1 victory over Manchester United back in August.

Alexis Sanchez Goal vs Manchester United

An Alexis Sanchez goal in the first five minutes of the match vs Manchester United set the tone for the Gunners as they marched their way to a 3-0 victory in the Emirates this weekend. Alexis Sanchez continued his tear netting this ridiculous back heel to put the Gunners up 1-0. Only a minute late Mesut Ozil added to the tally and the route was on. It was a vintage Arsenal performance as the Gunners played with pace and creativity, while Manchester United looked stuck in the mud. The result was what Arsenal needed after coming off a Champions League loss to Olympiakos.

Carli Lloyd's Hat-Trick

Was it the greatest performance by a soccer player in a final? Yes. Carli Lloyd's hat-trick in the 2015 Women's World Cup final only took 16 minutes, and was capped off with a 50 yard boot over the Japan keepers head, giving the USWNT a commanding lead not even half way through the first half. All three goals showed off Lloyd's skill set. 

The first: Lloyd streaks into the box beating her defender to the ball and executes a difficult finish with the outside of her left foot. 

Messi Goal In The Copa Del Rey Final

Is there anything he can't do?! No. Is this his best goal ever? WE DON'T KNOW. This Lionel Messi goal in The Copa Del Rey final just might win the award for the greatest La Pulga goal ever. But what about his goal vs Getafe? Or when he ended Jerome Boateng? And dozens of others that we simply just can't mention because then this post would get way too long. Here's the deal. Messi is the greatest player of the generation. I don't think most players would even try to do what he did in this goal, let alone actually pull it off. 

Robert Lewandowski Scored 5 Goals In 9 Minutes (WATCH HERE)

Robert Lewandowski has scored 5 straight second half goals in 9 minutes against Wolfsburg. The Bundesliga game was at 1-0, it ended 5-1.

Here are all five of his goals.

Unbelievable. Mind blowing. Amazing. Lewandowski now owns VfB Wolfsburg, or he might as well.