Typical Barcelona.

This Luis Suarez goal vs Eibar is what soccer fans expect from Barcelona. We all know the style that Barca plays with. They execute crisp passes, everyone seems to always be in the right place, and they are miles ahead of their opponents. This goal was no different as they equalized the match at 1-1. 

De Bruyne Late Winner For Manchester City

It was a match that was up for the taking for Sevilla, but Kevin De Bruyne Goal for Manchester City showed why they paid the big bucks to get him to the Etihad. After Sevilla took an early lead, they then conceded an own goal to bring the score level but continued to control the ball over Manuel Pellegrini's side. But Yaya Toure, a man who said he was "disgusted" with the British media, put forth his best performance in this years Champions League campaign.

The Best Footballer In The World Has Never Dreamt Of Doing Anything Else

Most kids, when asked what they want to be when they grow up, will give you a different answer every time you ask them. Not Lionel Messi though. He wanted to be a footballer.

"I've never thought of any other job."

Wouldn't we all like to say that? Some of us grow up wanting do do only one thing from a very young age. Very few of us actually get to become that thing, and certainly the odds are against it.

Sebastian Giovinco Scores Messi Like Goal

It was quite the day for the city of Toronto yesterday. First, the Blue Jays clinched a spot in the ALCS after a wild game vs the Texas Rangers and then a Sebastian Giovinco goal for Toronto FC sent the club to their first ever playoff apperance. As the rapper Drake would say, "what a time to be alive!" Giovinco's goal for Toronto reminded us, and probably anyone who watched it, of a little Argentine that plays his futbol over the pond at Barcelona. Yes we're obviously talking about Lionel Messi, and yes Giovinco's goal mimics the likes of La Pulga. 

Paul Aguilar's Goal vs. the USA

The US-Mexico rivalry has seen some pretty memorable moments, but Paul Aguilar's Goal vs the US to clinch El Tri a spot in the confederations cup may be the most memorable to date. Prior to this match the US fan base was calling for Jurgen Klinsmann's head should the stars and stripes not earn a victory, and that is exactly what has happened since the loss. Frustration has now surrounded Klinsmann's program after a poor performance in the Gold Cup and the lack luster result this past Saturday. 

Shane Long's Goal vs Germany

Ireland hadn't been in a major tournament since 2002, but now thanks to Shane Long's Goal vs Germany, the Irish are close to solidifying their spot in their second straight Euro Cup. The lads from the Emerald Isle beat the defending world champions in Dublin yesterday and we couldn't be more excited about how close they are to qualifying for the Euro. They haven't sealed the deal yet, as they have a match with Poland on Sunday. With a win, the Irishman will officially qualify for the Euro. With a loss, they will enter a playoff match to decide their fate.

Amazing La Masia Goal

Want to feel bad about yourself? Watch this amazing La Masia goal that will leave you wondering why your soccer skills are so futile. These two kids literally just dystroyed an entire defense, and it looked effortless. Lets break it down:

Daniel Sturridge Volley Vs Aston Villa

It was a long time coming but he's back. This Daniel Sturridge volley vs Aston Villa may just be the thing that Liverpool has needed all season, a threat at the striker position. With Liverpool already up  1-0, Sturridge received a pass and did what he does best. He sent it off to James Milner and bolted into the box and was on the recieving end of a great ball back from Milner. The world class finish was and abosulte beaut, and was well deserved after the long road back from injury for Sturrdg.